A Foodie Paradise!

Run – don’t walk – to this culinary gem! Tucked away on Soi 7, Blackitch is easy to miss, and but for the recommendation of our Concierge, would never have been on our radar. Thankfully it was. The quirky but inviting dining area only holds three tables, creating a kitchen-table like atmosphere which complements Chef Black’s generous and personal approach to cooking for his guests. The 9-course menu changes daily according to the freshest ingredients available that day. Our meal incorporated plants he had foraged at 6 am, deep dark honey he had carried back from Chiang Rai, beef and pork he had fermented for two weeks, and smoked short rice grains collected from the nearby hill tribes. The ice cream was being hand-churned in the gelato lab downstairs when we arrived. Each course is carefully introduced and explained, and as one sips the 2 year-aged plum wine (made by Chef Black of course), it is easy to get lost in the narrative. The food however speaks for itself, as does the warmth and sincerity of our host. A true Chiang Mai “Must”!