A few suggestions

“I don’t need to say much more about the quality of this hotel or the beauty of its location. Go to Myanmar. Go to Inle Lake. Stay at the Inle Princess. Here, though, are a few tips for those who do follow the directives above:

1. Take advantage of the complimentary shoe shine.
2. There really isn’t any charge for the beer in the mini-bar.
3. The hotel leaves earplugs in the room (presumably for those whose sleep might be disturbed by frogs and lizards). You may not need the earplugs during the night, but hold onto them, because they are very useful on the boats, which have very loud outboard motors.
4. The boat tour of the lake is essential. Make sure to include a visit to a local market. The basic boat tour lasts for one day, but it is a very long day (especially if you start with the market), so you should consider splitting the tour and doing it over two days.
5. When you visit the village of the silversmiths, avoid the large shop at the entrance to the village — the one with the tiny workshop staffed by “”brothers”” who play with their cell phones until a tourist boat arrives and a large showroom stuffed with overpriced silver that must come from China.
6. The artisanal workshops on the village side of the hotel are definitely worth a visit.
7. Eat the Shan noodles for breakfast — order them the evening before.”