A dinner to remember, but you want to get ready for the damage (the bill)

“We’ve spent just two days in KL and this restaurant has become one of the most memorable experience for us.

The view was unbelievable and we were lucky enough to get a “”front row””.

The personnel is just beyond expectations – polite, classy, service hearts indeed.

The chef is just fantastic, he presented his own quisine: zapas – japanese sushi.
His dishes are like a symphony – he took us from literally a splash in a mouth, to intense flavors and then experimental ice cream dish...and the dessert...we’ve ordered french fries with truffle on top of the offered set.

We also loved the selection of sake, absolutely loved it.

Yes, we paid quite a big bill, but it was worth it!

Also, if you a celebrating an anniverary – go ahead, surprise your significant other.
A show at a table next to us left me speachless...)”