A delightful stay

You want a piece of heaven, people say head to Goa. You want a piece of heaven, a place to call your own for few days, head to Summertime in Goa. For me, it was love at first sight. It is tucked in one of the by lanes of Calangute, away from the noise, has a small sprawling drive up to the main house and a private swimming pool to boast. It is built like a Balinese villa, is open, spacious and is extremely welcoming. It has an in house kitchen and a few hours’ notice the help can whip up delicious and scrumptious food. We had biryani, eggs and cold coffee. Yum!! It is close hustle and the bustle and yet offers peace and serenity which is so essential. The hidden and the real gem are the books shelves. They even have books in the chairs. And don’t miss the delightful and fun conversation with the owners. You just wouldn’t wanna leave