4th visit

Would you go a 4th time to a hotel which you don’t like? Certainly not. The Reverie Siam Resort in Pai is our preferred place to go if we don’t want to spend more than 2 hours in the car from our domicile in Chiang Mai. The winding road has just been renovated and is a pleasure to drive now. In the hotel, the rooms, in particular the villas are great, and so are the 2 pools. The almost historic restaurant is a “must see experience”, the food is Western but great, the wine list large and the staff very friendly and attentive. And for what if offers, the prices are fair, and on occasion of our 4th visit we even got a 35 % discount. The only downside this time was that we booked our preferred table for a big birthday, which was confirmed in the booking confirmation as well as upon check-in. When we came to the restaurant in the evening, however, “our” table was given away. It is obvious that the communication between reception and restaurant manager didn’t work, at least not this time. The 35 % discount was possible a fair compensation for this mishap. But no reason for us not to come back again and again.