A few days before the trip, I happened to feel insecure about the trip. Because it was my first time to go such an adventurous place without my family members. As the day came, i still joined with my friends. My first impression about the hotel was the “Security” that they gave to me. I was actually over thinking about how dangerous it was to visit a place located in the middle of the river surrounded by the forest. But I felt relieved as they did everything they could to have my trust. My second impression was the interaction between the people and the environment. It was so refreshing and beautiful. That’s how the nature is supposed to be like. My third impression would be the hotel, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge itself. It was incredibly amazing how the products that were placed in the hotel were actually could be decomposed and not going to effect the environment. The facilities that we needed in our daily life were placed in the hotel too even though it’s on the river. I felt so safe and secure because they provided materials that could save us in some cases. The people were so nice and polite. The foods was great in every meals and the transportation was good too. I’ve learned something new there. I hope to visit that place again <3