The Indonesian archipelago is one of the Earth’s marine glories. Secret Retreats is helping to keep Indonesia’s reefs living habitats for the stunning wealth of marine life they sustain in partnership with local foundations that protect the marine environment and work with local communities to promote sustainable fishing practices and setup no-take zones to encourage conservation and responsible management of local fish stocks. Cruise Indonesia and dive Indonesia with Secret Retreats aboard one of our curated traditional sailing boats, the Indonesian Phinisi and see why this eco-tourism has been a major factor in the revitalization of some of the most diverse reefs in the world.


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Cruise Indonesian Islands while Experiencing Magnificent Tropical Marine Life, Reefs and Coral

Indonesia Cruise Tours directly booked with Secret Retreats will take you to communities whose reefs are living coral in intense colours inhabited by iridescent tropical fish. Having forged bonds with these islanders based on a shared passion for Asian marine life, and a sincere desire to preserve traditional boatbuilding, Secret Retreats has helped institute no-take zones which have seen the regeneration of the reefs. When you cruise Indonesian islands on boats curated by the mariners Secret Retreats has confided in, you are helping this rebirth and conservation of part of our planet’s most stunning natural wonders.

For luxury cruises Indonesia is hard to equal. The success of the no-take zones now means that you can enjoy stunning dives directly from the balcony of your room in one of the curated hotels you will cruise to and witness the wealth of the aquatic wildlife literally face to face. Swimming over coral surrounded by shoals of brightly coloured tropical fish is an experience any sea lover will relish.

Experience the Essence of Asia with a Secret Retreats Traditional Indonesian Cruise

Our independent boats will grant you the kind of Indonesia cruise you simply cannot find offered by online travel agencies. Secret Retreats has years of experience dealing with these traditional communities and shares and respects their loving defence of the Asian marine idyll they will gladly share with you. Local knowledge and know-how are precious, and aren’t to be found just anywhere.

Our Indonesia cruises 2018 offer both private charter cruises and cabin cruises. Our private charter Indonesia cruises can be tailored to suit you and your family, from island hopping to witness ethnic groups and lifestyles unchanged for centuries to the best dive spots to enjoy some of the richest reef dives in the world today. The Secret Retreats concierges and our boat teams want you to experience Asia at its very best.

Our Cruise Tour Holidays Will Deliver all the Cultural Delights Indonesia Has to Offer

Any discerning traveller who cruises Indonesia should experience the beautiful yet boisterous gamelan, an artisanal wooden percussion orchestra. At festivals, you might find yourself caught between two, each trying to drown the other out. The traditional dances they accompany are generally enactments of folk tales which our knowledgeable curators will gladly explain to you.

Batik is a traditional method of dyeing fabric. Genuine batik is the result of a long process of waxing areas not to be coloured, and the more colours in a piece of batik, the longer it has taken to process. Our concierges and curators are justifiably proud of their heritage, and will happily help you pick out the very best pieces and explain the significance of the unique and traditional designs.

Indonesian woodcarving and sculpted stone is of a superlative quality. The curators and hoteliers Secret Retreats works with will help you find authentic, hand fashioned and tooled Asian artefacts to grace your home and remind you of your tailormade Indonesian cruise.