Indonesia Boutique Hotels, Luxury Villas and Dive Resorts by Secret Retreats.

Spanning the equator between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean like a giant Marabou stork, the world’s largest archipelago spreads her vast wings for over 5,000 kilometres. Officially known as the Republic of Indonesia, this predominately Muslim nation comprises over 18,000 islands set in 32 provinces. Indonesia has over 300 ethnic groups and some 700 linguistic groups, each with their own rich traditions, festivals, celebrations, and cuisine. The country’s array of arts includes: shadow puppetry wayang kulit (shadow puppetry), sumptuous batik, gamelans (Indonesian percussion orchestras) and kris daggers.

Filled with coastlines, over 400 volcanoes, rich biodiversity, national parks, a treasure trove of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and much more, the options in multicultural Indonesia are as diverse as its people. The kaleidoscope of possibilities ranges from rugged Sumatra’s wildlife, to the capital city Jakarta and historic treasures in the heartland of Indonesia’s Java, to the Hindu temples (pura) on the magical Island of the Gods Bali, to the beaches in Lombok, the historic Spice Islands Maluku, incredibly remote Papua New Guinea, and beyond. Finding unity in diversity—Indonesia is an endless adventure.