The Republic of Indonesia has long been visited by pioneers, missionaries, traders, foreign trading companies, and now the modern independent traveller. Its hugely diverse peoples, exotic cultures, varied cuisines, and distinctive handicrafts have established it as
a destination for adventurous travellers for seventy years.
Its land and seascapes are spectacular, as you would expect from the world’s largest island country spreading between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, straddling the Equator, and having its feet in two continents, South East Asia and Oceania. It offers tranquil beaches graced by Indonesia beach resorts, Indonesia hotels reminiscent of the days of Joseph Conrad, hot springs, and a wealth of rain forests home to unique and rare flora and fauna.

Its culture survived the colonial period when Western powers vied to control its strategic maritime location, abundant natural resources,
and fragrant spices. It is now something of a challenge to the more adventurous traveller wishing to go off the beaten path but an Indonesia holiday with Secret Retreats offers a uniquely local experience by working directly with local communities and carefully curated Indonesia boutique hotels and resorts.

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Raja Ampat


Experience Jakarta, the Big Durian before Arriving at
Your Luxury Indonesia Beach Resorts

Jakarta, on Java, is a tropical city with over ten million residents, and it has the snap, crackle, and pop associated with rapid economic growth – its economy is expanding at a greater rate than those of Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Beijing! As the largest city in Indonesia, many of the best hotels in Indonesia are found in and around Jakarta. All Indonesia hotels in Jakarta have a selection of regional specialties from all over the archipelago– it really is a crescendo of tastes on your palate and your Secret Retreats hotelier will let you know where the best boutique hotel Indonesia has
is currently offering the best buffet.

Yogyakarta, Where Boutique Indonesia Hotels Not Only Accommodate,
but Also Educate You

Yogyakarta, meaning City Fit to Flourish, is the nearest city to the huge temple complex of Borobudur. It is also an important centre for the study and preservation of gamelan music, Javanese dance, and Batik work. Secret Retreats has long forged links with the luxury resorts Indonesia is famed for, their concierges will be pleased to suggest which sites to visit (the multiplicity of choices can astound the unprepared). The city’s heritage means many of the best resorts in Indonesia are found here, those hankering after the colonial charm of a hotel Indonesia typifies because of its history, will find it here in abundance.

Discover Ecological & Cultural Conservation with Our Selection of
Luxury Hotels in Indonesia

Indonesia is home to immensely rich biodiversity. The Sumatran Tiger, two species of Rhinoceros, and the Borneo Elephant and the enigmatic Orangutan is probably its most widely recognized mammal. Secret Retreats works with hoteliers and Indonesia tour operators sincerely committed to saving these rare creatures, and preserving the environments these animals call home. From probably the richest reefs in the world at Raja Ampat thanks to the no-take zone and working closely with the local community to encourage sustainable fishing practices established the Secret Retreats property Misool Eco Resort to the conservation and protection of Borneo’s orangutans by working closely with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation visited by the Secret Retreats river cruises, Borneo cabin cruises and Indonesia private charter cruises aboard the traditional river boats of Rahai’i Pangun. Indonesia’s rich culture, unique traditions, delicious cuisine and diverse and rare ecology awaits you.

Let Secret Retreats Unveil the essence of Asia to you with our tailormade Indonesia holiday packages. Contact the Secret Retreats concierge today and start planning your Bali luxury holidays now!