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One of the best Thai restaurants in Chiang Mai, Ging Grai is named after the branch (ging) of a sea fig (grai) tree which is known for its strong and deep-burrowing roots, symbolizing the inspiration for the menu and cuisine of this Chiang Mai Thai restaurant. The dishes created and served by the chef and kitchen team at Ging Grai have all been inspired by the flavours of the 4 favourite regional cuisines of Thailand. Fig trees, similar to a banyan tree, are especially important to the founder of Ging Grai as his mother planted a fig tree on the family land, just after his birth, and its branches have provided shade, as well as a refuge for tranquil family moments, for more than three decades.

The Chef and the Brigade

“I am passionate about my home country’s delicious cuisine. We are blessed with so many incredible ingredients, with each region of Thailand having its own unique flavours, creating their own unique regional cuisines. And it is these that we want to share with the diners under one roof at our restaurant, Ging Grai in Chiang Mai. I am from Nakorn Phanom province in Isan and have been working with the family and team behind Ging Grai in some of their other restaurants for more than 5 years, studying the traditional recipes of the family and those we collect from around Thailand to create the wonderful menu we have at Ging Grai where you can taste and dine your way around Thailand on one table. My brigade and I are very much looking forward to cooking for you. See you soon at Ging Grai Chiang Mai.”

“Located within the most happening and fashionable area of Chiang Mai, Nimmanhaemin, Ging Grai is one of the best, and only, Thai restaurants in Chiang Mai where diners can both enjoy unique and authentic flavours from all of Thailand’s 4 favourite regional cuisines and support Thai artisans and crafts-folk by browsing and shopping in Ging Grai Restaurant’s lifestyle shop, ‘Thorr’. Offering some of the best Thai food in Chiang Mai, this Thai restaurant is a ‘must-dine’ when you are next in town.”
Kim, the discoverer.


The Ging Grai Thai restaurant experience goes beyond the unique and delicious gastronomic offerings, and also shares a lifestyle experience with diners and visitors to the restaurant that can be taken home. This unique Chiang Mai restaurant houses a lifestyle shop, ‘Thorr’, which offers a colourful choice of traditional and hand-woven crafts and fabrics. Thorr is a family business, that originated in Thailand’s Amnat Charoen province,that supports local communities through promoting and supporting their traditional skills and crafts. The family behind Thorr and the local communities work together to ensure that the products pay homage to their traditional heritage while also ensuring relevance in the modern world. Thorr’s cooperation with community artisans and traditional crafts-folk has branched out beyond Amnat Charoen across the North-Eastern provinces of Isan and also to both North and South Thailand. Be sure to check out the unique products and artisan crafts on offer in Thorr Lifestyle Shop on your next visit to Ging Grai Thai restaurant Chiang Mai.


The menu at Ging Grai features flavours and dishes from the four most popular regional cuisines in Thailand truly sharing with diners some of the best Thai food in Chiang Mai. Offering a truly unique menu, all the dishes are crafted from family recipes offering dining experiences and flavours that are rarely found in other regional restaurants. Dishes created from young grai tree leaves for example, which folks from Central Thailand see as a seasonable local vegetable called pak lieb, and is known locally in the North of Thailand as pak huerd, and pak hierd in Isan. The pink and green leaves can be enjoyed with coconut milk in a variety of ways. Highlights of Ging Grai’s Northern Thai offerings include ab pla duk (grilled catfish in curry paste), kanom jeen nam ngiaw (fermented rice noodle with spicy pork rib sauce), and larb nuer (Northern style larb with pig’s blood). The signature dishes from Northeastern Thailand’s Isan cuisine include tum sua (spicy papaya salad with fermented rice noodle), gaeng om gai (spicy chicken thick soup), and larb pla tong (Chitala fish larb). Delicious savory dishes from Central Thailand include kanom jeen sao nam (fermented rice noodle with coconut sauce), si-krong moo tod nampla (fried spareribs with fish sauce), and goong kratiem pad kai khem (stir-fried shrimps with garlic and salted egg). And for true foodies and aficionados of Thai cuisine, the hard to find Eastern dishes like maeng krapoon nampla whan (jelly fish with sweet fish sauce), yum pla sala khem tod (spicy salad with fried salted talang queenfish), and gaeng pa hed kon tua fak yao (spicy clear curry with mushroom and yard-long beans) are really not to be missed! Each dish is best deliciously paired with a blended fresh brewed tea mocktail formulated especially for Ging Grai by TE, using teas and herbs from the regions that inspire Ging Grai’s cuisine. Taste Thailand’s North in a mocktail that expertly combines the qualities and flavours of mullilam, galangal, turmeric, lychee, and longan. Or perhaps flavours of the East in a refreshing mocktail crafted from chamuang leaves, peppercorn, mangosteen, and rambutan. Ging Grai’s Isan inspired mocktail mixes mulberry, lemongrass, dill, chili, and roasted rice. And from Central Thailand, a delicious mix of galangal, tamarind, lemongrass, kafir lime, mango, tamarind, and plum. Both delicious and full of health benefits these flavorful drinks are the perfect pairing for your lunch or dinner at Ging Grai Thai restaurant, Chiang Mai.

Facilities and Highlights

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Useful Information

Opening time:
Tue-Sun, 11.30am-21.00pm (last order 20.30)
Dress code: Casual

Closing period:

Annual closing:
Songkran 13-16 April

Time zone: (GMT+07:00) Bangkok
Currency accepted: THB
Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:
Ging Grai Thai Restaurant is located in Chiang Mai’s fashionable Nimmanhaemin district, just a few minutes’ walk from One Nimman and the Maya Shopping Mall.

18 Soi Nimmanhemin 11, Nimmanhemin Road, Suthep, Chiang Mai 50200


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We Care

Ging Grai offers regional food crafted from produce and ingredients that are sourced and grown by artisan growers and farmers local to Ging Grai and our other Thai restaurants. We believe strongly in the importance of working with and supporting our local communities, to support local economies and to ensure the futures of these rural communities. Additionally, in working closely with farmers and growers we can ensure the quality of the produce we use in Ging Grai and our other restaurants across Thailand, truly a win-win relationship for both the growers and farmers we work with and our restaurant businesses. As well as the produce for our kitchens, we also support traditional crafts-folk through both decorating our restaurants with artisan products and art, and promoting their products in our lifestyle shop, ‘Thorr’, on site at Ging Grai Restaurant Chiang Mai.

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