Cuca: "Best meal of the holiday by far"

Review by: jemc34 | Source: Trip Advisor
"I came with my friend for her 30th birthday and it was absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend the tasting menu and the food was out of this world. Coupled with extremely tentative staff I would absolutely recommend this restaurant to couples, families and groups of friends. The wine and cocktails were fab, I had the apple cocktail served over a frozen apple and it was really yummy. We sat in the bar area watching the chefs at work and I think this added to the evening. Get yourself down to Cuca's you will not be disappointed."

Locavore: "Another amazing culinary experience in the best restaurant in Bali"

Review by: Viclah | Source: Trip Advisor
I had another amazing meal, 7 courses, with loads and loads of surprising, creative, interesting and very tasty morsels both at the beginning of the meal and around the dessert course. Presentation is a marvel. As usual I had the "carnivore option," but my two friends opted for the "plant-based option." All of us were pleased beyond expectations. I love oak-otak and Locavore's version, with the duck egg aioli (I guess that is what I would call it) was perhaps the star of my meal, though the old favorite--Into the Sawah--of course was delicious. The special Locavore tomato "soup" was, as always, spectacular. And i love the "freebie" cassava roti too. All seven courses were. My friends raved about their veg tasting menu. And I must admit I was a bit disappointed that I did not choice to have the Banana Blossom. This must become, like Into the Sawah, a main stay of the Locavore team. Service was super friendly and professional. Cannot recommend Locavore highly enough.

Rak Ko Jae Seoul: "A nice respite from a busy life and city"

Review by: Melissa W | Source:
Rak Ko Jae was truly a peaceful respite after a long day of travel to South Korea. I had read lots of reviews and expected the experience to be a little more... interactive perhaps? Really, this was a pretty solitary experience as we seemed to be the only ones there and only had contact with the staff at meal times. The hanok was smaller than I expected and very quaint. I woke up at 5am and actually WANTED to get out of bed and go outside and just sit and breathe the fresh air and listen to the sparrows sing and fly around me. It was so peaceful and quiet and still. (...) I highly recommend Rak Ko Jae, but I would also say to expect a very quiet and somewhat uneventful experience while you stay. The uneventfulness of our stay was a treat, and we didn't leave once between check-in and check-out! They even reminded us that check-out was 15 minutes away... we were aware, just trying to soak up every bit of our time there.

Tugu Lombok: "A place where time stops and moments are created"

Review by: mentkapto | Source: Trip Advisor
"It was our first time in Lombok and after spending a week in Bali we couldn’t be happier with the place. We arrived to Tugu Lombok early in the morning and we were welcomed with a refreshing Natural Juice just before the staff showed us the way to our Villa. After passing through our entrance garden we opened the door to our room. It was impressive. The huge and comfortable bed in the middle of the room was just waiting for me! As I lay in the bed I notice that just in front of me is a beautiful private pool and few meters after the sea! The room was amazing with a lovely open air shower but was made me fall in love for this place was the outdoor area and facilities. The clear blue water was perfect for a swim and the hotel provided us with a complimentary Kayak and Stand up board so we could go explore the waters. Less than 100 meters from the white sand there’s a beautiful reef. It was the first time my girlfriend snorkeled and she absolutely loved it! Seeing so many colorful fishes so close to the beach was something we won’t be forgetting anytime soon. We had our daily breakfast served at the beach . The fresh fruit and the local coffee got me and the scrambled eggs were done to perfection. and even though we wanted to go explore the island we felt so good in the hotel grounds that we barely left Tugu during our stay. The main swimming pool is also a great spot to relax and we got to burn some calories from breakfast by playing Volleyball in the beach area. The design of the dining hall was impressive featuring traditional statues and a gigantic statue of a rooster on the roof. Every corner of the hotel is filled with pieces of Indonesian history. The hardest part of our stay was to leave. It seriously felt like we have stopped in time and lived a dream . Hope to be able to come back next year and live a bit more of our Indonesian dream."

Tugu Bali: "The perfect place"

Review by: mymypoupou | Source: Trip Advisor
What else? People, location, food and giant cosy room + pool are amazing. Everything is within walking distance and you are right in front of the beach, great for sunbathing, swimming and surfing. The Japanese restaurant Ji along with the hotel is absolutely delicious. Don't look any further, this will make your stay in Bali unforgettable and Canggu is definitely THE best area to enjoy the balinese lifestyle and Art of Living

MesaStila: "A Perfect Getaway"

Review by: Brian W | Source: Trip Advisor
"My wife and I live in Jakarta, and have recently begun to enjoy finding scenic getaways around Indonesia that allow us to enjoy beautiful surroundings in moderate comfort. There is absolutely nothing moderate about MesaStila. From the moment we stepped out of the car into their grounds it was a wonderful experience for the entire three days we were there. We took the Honeymoon package (although our actual honeymoon had long passed) as it encompassed pretty much all the activities we wished to do plus an airport transfer, saving us the stress of finding the location of the resort ourselves. I highly recommend booking a transfer from the resort itself . The package also included a romantic dinner for two and a traditional massage at the in-house spa. GROUNDS: Beautifully gardens and modern facilities set within colonial architecture. The best part is that it offers an unobstructed view of Gunung Merapi that is beautiful at any moment of the day. The vast 22hc of grounds allows for leisurely strolls through the coffee plantation, and even when the resort is fully booked there is a distinct sense of privacy. ROOMS: Although rustic in design, there was no sign of dust, dirt or any critters that traditionally inhabit wooden beams. There was an old charm in the room, but the modern amenities and plush bed made for a very comfortable sleep. ACTIVITIES: Pretty much the best part of the whole trip. Every day there are scheduled activities that are free to join for all guests. My wife and I enjoyed doing an hour of Yoga every morning before breakfast. Every day at 10am there is also a coffee plantation tour which was very enjoyable, especially for coffee lovers like me. In the afternoon there are usually traditional activities like Janur, Batik and Pencak Silat. There are also more rigorous activities available - the 5km powerwalk was a great way to see the surrounding villages while building a good sweat. Paid activities like horseriding and the bicycle tour are readily available and well worth the small fee. There's also the spa: the massage we had there was heavenly. FOOD: Ok, maybe THIS was the most enjoyable part of the trip. What I respect is that although the resort has a captured market (there's no other food easily available around the resort), they are sincere in providing quality food at a reasonable price. The JavaRed restaurant cooks up some of the best local cuisine I have ever tasted. Book a stay here as soon as you can. You won't regret it!"

Supanniga Eating Room: "Sumptuous dinner in cozy ambience"

Review by: JeffLeong | Source: Trip Advisor
"We dined at Supanniga outlet in Sathorn Soi 10 for dinner. Premises is cozy and relaxing with darken interiors. Seating capacity is limited which provides a sense of homeliness and accords privacy to diners. A full bar provides wines, alcohol and cocktails to accompany the Thai meal. Food portions are good, even for 2 diners, not miserly nor excessive. For our dinner of six persons, we ordered a selection of eleven dishes. Each of them varies in taste and intensity. Together, they sent our taste buds on overdrive! Meat dishes were tender; fried items were crispy and not oily; soup was hot; spicy dishes were just right. Service was prompt and the dishes were served in quick succession. We enjoyed the dishes together and were able to compare and discuss their flavours. Empty dishes were removed promptly, allowing new ones to be served. Although it was a busy night for the restaurant, our dinner was leisurely and we did not feel hurried by the staff to finish our meal. Prices were reasonable and commensurate with the quality of the dishes."

Les Maisons Wat Ko: "Memorable stay"

Review by: Sereymony O | Source: Trip Advisor
We stayed in room no. 1 just above the room that Angelina Jolie used to stay during her movie production this year. The room is spacious, comfortable and very clean. We enjoyed the salt water pool but has not enough time to try the massage by the scenic lotus pond. Very helpful and friendly staff. Overall service and experience is beyond expectation.

Cuisine Wat Damnak: "Fine dining in Siem Reap"

Review by: 186337DavidB | Source: Trip Advisor
This restaurant was recommended in a Sunday newspaper article in the UK so we booked online well in advance. The restaurant kept in touch by email to confirm our booking. We were originally booked to eat upstairs where the ventilation is by fan rather than air conditioning but as the was a table in the courtyard we opted to eat there. We were met at the gate by the chef Joannes Riviere who made us welcome and was very attentive to his guests. There is a choice of two tasting menus which change on a regular basis and we had a wonderful selection of dishes. We drank the house white wine which was a French sauvignon blanc and good value. Altogether a memorable experience.

Tugu Malang: "Incontournable"

Review by: k4sh44 | Source: Trip Advisor
"L'hôtel, fait office de musée avec une collection de différents objets plus ou moins anciens de différents horizons (principlement d'Asie). Le prix de l'entrée est à 95000 roupies et compte pour une consommation (liquide ou repas). Le personnel parle bien anglais"
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