Excellent unique food made with passion and great care + Fantastic service

“After being recommended to attend the restaurant, I was impressed at the outset with the customer service from my phone communications with Timothy (chef) and Nick (manager). As a vegetarian with the exception of chicken, I wasn’t impressed with the dinner menu, but after being lured there for dinner I was amazed with the food […]

The attention to detail and clear passion for food is impressive!

After a day of bustling around Cambodia, sitting down to a long dinner with a friend at The Tigers Eye was just the sanctuary we needed. Not at all stuffy, but definitely an air of simple elegance. The staff are friendly and attentive and clearly are committed to the product that is coming to your […]

Better with every visit!

“The Tigers Eye – it’s been open now for a while, I wanted to hold off on my review as the first visit I made over a year ago was phenomenal but I wanted to be sure that the high standards would be kept. The chef here, Tim, has such a solid reputation for his […]

Love goes through your stomach

“I was meeting an old friend to catch up on life, business, future and past. We had dinner at Tigers Eye and decided for the tasting menu with the carefully selected wine to accompany. Your experience is like tossed from the different sensations of Southeast Asia, to NY and Paris, still keeping that fine taste […]

Superbe Dining in The Penh

Truly a superb dining experience in a lovely, modern setting. This is probably one of the best in Phnom Penh, but the price is very reasonable considering the quality you’re getting! Everything is amazing, from the cocktails, salads, main courses and desert. They have many vegetarian options and a great selection of wine, and they […]


Great to see Chef Timothy’s creativity back. After trying The Common Tiger, good to see him in his new address at The Tiger’s Eye. Different venue, but same vibe, same team around him, same effort to source locally and to shake the established dining scene in Phnom Penh. A must try for connoisseurs!

Not to be missed!

This is probably my favourite restaurant in Phnom Penh. The cocktails were sensational and each course was flawless. The staff knew the menu well and were super professional. This place is very much “on trend” and if you’re in Phnom Penh, it’s not to be missed. Yummmmmm!!