Superb meal and experience

I really like this restaurant. It doesn’t have too many tables, so it’s not crowded. The kitchen is open to the customers – always a good sign. The staff are all good. The food, cooking, and experience, all superb. Not too expensive, although it is not cheap. The pork fat candles were excellent. Everything was […]

Amazing. Just amazing

Booked through a website called Secret Tables. When I arrived I was escorted to a secret table. Basically a room with a little table just for me. Bit weird. But loved it for that very fact. Staff were brilliant. A lovely candle. Won’t spoil it for you. Just admire upon arrival. Highly attentive service. Subtle […]



Memorable experience

“We went to JL Studio to celebrate my girlfriends birthday. The booking process took a while because the phone number is used by the restaurant below and there was some kind of miscommunication, however, all was sorted out. Upon arrival, we were greeted by staff, sat down and offered drinks. I’m quite a talker and […]

A magician Chef!

“With the talented creative sense of Chef Jimmy, a beautiful presentation, a deeply researched concept, a friendly team for service, JL Studio has found the magic formula to surprise. Young chef, young team, new place… yet a solid experience that transports us with brio into the imaginary world of the Chef. CONGRATULTIONS!”

Artistic cuisine

Each dish wobble plate, decoration, flavors, both with artistic, aesthetic and both the color, flavor and taste of the food, service personnel and then by commentary and explain the story, so every food, moving and full of praise. JL plus uphold let everything that can make people eat meals together have different levels of taste […]