Cool with strong wind

Rm3/head entry u hv to pay. Remember to pay at entry. Either u can park ur car at entry if u wanted to enjoy walk o jz drive-in. Bware drive slow with headlights ‘on’ as road is narrow. Very cool there as wind very very strong. I cant c too much view as weather not […]

Amazing view, cooling and great experience

“I need to be at this place every year as the experiences were really great, the air much fresher compared to the city, amazing view, it was really chilling at that time about 17-19 degrees at night, but we were enjoying every moment of it. The Liwagu restaurant food was getting better compared to the […]

Some tips for noobs (like me)!

“Do not rush it. Take some time to enjoy the places in ranau and kundasang as well. We stayed at LODGE 37 for 2 days and its still not enough. Lodge 37 is located at ranau in between kinabalu park and ranau hot spring. Theres few trails inside the foot of mt kinabalu itself (dont […]


I’d like to think outside the hostel is very clean and convenient meals are good, but I see a moderate caustic ratio recommended


It was still cool but not as cool compared to a few years ago. The view near the foot of the Mount Kinabalu was nothing short of spectacular. There is a little gift shop that double as a little convenient store. Locals have to pay RM3 as an entrance fee.

A Paradise up in the hills

My cousin and I stayed at one of the units in Nepenthes Lodges managed by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges. The lodges are located right in the heart of the Unesco World Heritage Site. We had the luxury of a two storey lodge with two bed rooms, a balcony, a nice sitting room with a fire place […]

Lovely experience at the lodge

“Most people will travel on the day to HQ prior to their climb but this year, I decided to stay at HQ so it will not feel so rushed the next day. This turned out to be the best idea. We came as a group of 4 and were given a private room to ourselves. […]

Highly recommended

Not only for a mountain climber but also for nature lovers.Many tracks to walk with plants, birds etc. Good restaurant there too.Really enjoy the scenary and all the birds around.Nice weather so can walk a whole day.

Best place to stay when visiting Kinabalu

Yes, Sutera is expensive–but in this case, it’s worth it. It is by far the nicest accommodation close to the park, and so convenient being inside the park. The rooms are beautiful, with nice views and ample amenities. Breakfast is included, you only have to pay park entry for your first day at the park […]