An Excellent International Standard Dining with a great experience of local recipes

Although the journey into the restaurant is a bit difficult to find, however, I am guarantee you will not regret on the quality of the dining experience to another level. This restaurant has been using a lot of local ingredients which the Chef himself, source all these around the entire Malaysia. Normally, we experience these […]

Well paced degustation menu, creative

My husband and I took an American guest to Dewakan. We chose the 11 course tasting menu. I was looking forwards to being delighted, and we were not disappointed. The restaurant is quiet, and comfortable and we were able to enjoy each course and exchange views on the myriad of tastes exploding in our mouths. […]

Michelin Star Quality

We visited the Blue Mosque then made our way to dinner here. Had a table next to the pass and could watch all the action in the kitchen. Really enjoyed the dishes, creativity on the plates with the flavours. Good to experience Malaysian fine dining.

still good….very good

“fusion food.. east meets west. using all the local herbs and spices to produce fine dining atmosphere. amazing and impressive. location could be better but it is nice to leave the city area for such a treat. well worth a try… well done chefs! keep it up.”

A concerto in your mouth

Dewakan brings world-class fine dining to a restaurant in the middle of nowhere (in Glenmarie). Some may scoff at its high price, but think of it like paying for a concerto in your mouth. Dewakan takes Malaysian ingredients and local flavours and presents it in spectacular fashion. You will never think of Malaysian cuisine in […]

A Revelation

“Many Europeans find the traditional Malaysian Cuisine challenging, with blachang , ikan bilis and fiery sambals. However at the Dewakan you will experience a startling transformation ! The chef has worked in Denmark at Noma, regarded by many as the best restaurant in the world were only local produce is used. The Chef has taken […]

A star on the fine dining stage of Malaysia

Let me go straight to the point. We went here mid October and tried Dewakan’s 17 course menu, one regular and one vegetarian (available upon request when you make your reservation). They dealt with the vegetarian request so, so well. The kitchen created completely new dishes that they’d never had on the menu before – […]

Hidden gem

Yes it’s not on the beaten track but well worth finding. This chef is a genius at combining flavours in creative ways. Presentation & service were also 1st rate. If you’re in KL & looking for amazing cuisine seek this place out.

Great Birthday Treat!

“Enjoyed every course served with great service. I was one happy birthday girl. It was exciting to wait and see how each dish was served, and all were creatively made. Completely different from anything I have ever eaten before, and would definitely love to go back! One thing though, the ambience doesnt give a fine […]