Formerly known as Siam and officially the Kingdom of Thailand, the Land of Smiles warmly greets visitors with open arms. Divided into five regions comprising 76 provinces and two special governed districts (Bangkok and Pattaya), the experiences found here in this Buddhist nation are as vast as its varied cultures and regional cuisines—all remain quintessentially Thai.

Bursting with energy, and filled with canals, temples, museums, and endless nightlife, pulsating Bangkok serves as the gateway for travellers seeking all that exotic Thailand has to offer. Away from the capital’s magnet, lush rainforests, dense jungles, majestic coastlines, myriad islands and magnificent beaches can be found in both southern and eastern Thailand. Hill tribes, verdant mountains, the Golden Triangle and the quaint town of Chiang Mai form Northern Thailand. Still mostly undiscovered, the great northeastern region known as Isan offers a completely different side to Thailand with its rural scenery, tantalising cuisine and splendid Khmer ruins. This is Thailand—rapture in the enticing adventure.