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Krua Supanniga’s approach to responsible and sustainable gastronomy is engrained in its identity. From day one, Krua Supanniga has aimed to deliver the dining experience that’s faithful to the values that Grandma Somsie and the Laorauvirodge family held. It begins from the selections of the staff for the restaurant; Krua Supanniga has made it a point to staff and train local people to love and serve patrons as though they were friends and family. The sourcing of the ingredients is done locally; every morning, chef Noi makes a daily visit to Khon Kaen’s fresh markets to procure fresh ingredients the same way Grandma Somsie did and taught chef Noi to do decades ago.

The Chef and the Brigade

“Phajongkitt Laorauvirodge is Grandma Somsie Chantra’s eldest daughter. Krua Supanniga by Khun Yai Somsie is Phajongkitt’s passion project to always remember and pay homage to her mother’s home cooking which has lovingly nourished her family’s body and soul through the years. While Phajongkitt and Grandma Somsie were from Trat, they moved to Khon Kaen and became full-time residents when Phajongkitt got married and started her family there. Phajongkitt created a special, peaceful space in her Trat’s property that became Krua Supanniga by Khun Yai Somsie restaurant these days. ”

Restaurant’s head chef, Chef 'Noi' Samran Deesarapan got her start in the kitchen over 30 years ago when she began her informal training as a house chef for the Laorauvirodge family in Bangkok. Chef Noi’s culinary repertoire is a century-old legacy of recipes and techniques passed down to her from her teacher: Grandma Somsie Chantra—the matriarch of the Laorauvirodge family—whose Eastern Thailand’s heritage informed and inspired much of her cooking. Since the opening of Krua Supanniga by Khun Yai Somsie in 2009, Chef Noi has served as Executive Chef, working closely with the owners—Grandma Somsie’s daughters and grandchildren — to delight the restaurant’s patrons with Grandma Somsie’s home-cooked Thai tastes.

“Named after the Supanniga trees with their gorgeous yellow flowers that grow within the natural, mature and shady gardens, and tribute to Grandma Somsie Krua Supanniga offers a unique opportunity to experience the local flavours of Isan region.”
Kim, the discoverer.


Khon Kaen

The story of Krua Supanniga by Khun Yai Somsie came to fruition beneath the umbrella of the Krai Tree branches that spread over the restaurant's ground in a quiet residential area of the city of Khon Kaen, Northeast Thailand. In the garden there are swathes of Supanniga trees with their yellow flowers falling on the ground like a beautiful carpet.

Sip a cup of Puer tea as you listen to the gentle ringing of chime bells and birdsong from the surrounding trees. Krua Supanniga by Khun Yai Somsie is renowned for its championing of rare Eastern Cuisine. A wonderfully vibrant and varied cuisine that is rich in herbs and vegetables, it really is quite distinct to the more well-known Thai cuisine but is a much loved and a firm favourite amongst Thai people.


Taking inspiration and vision from the Eastern way of life passed-down from generation to generation, it is his intention to share dishes from his family’s history over the past 130 years. From the owner’s great grandmother to his grandmother and now to the modern generation; The family brings to the table this rare and unique taste of the Eastern region, local home cooked dishes celebrating the authentic taste of Trat Province.

Facilities and Highlights

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Useful Information

Time zone: (GMT+07:00) Bangkok
Currency accepted: THB
Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:
Khon Kaen
Opening hours: 11:30 AM–9 PM
Address: 130/9 Phothisan Rd, Tambon Phra Lap, Amphoe Mueang Khon Kaen, Chang Wat Khon Kaen 40000, Thailand


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