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Embark on awe-inspiring journey in Southeast Asia, replete with exquisite culinary experiences, aboard an elegant modern classic sailing vessel. Silolona sails in Indonesia from April to November, and up the West Coast of Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar from December to March. Featuring an authentic design, the boat includes five spacious cabin suites, a teak lounge and dining area surrounded by large windows, on deck dining and a well-equipped dive facility.

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Full boat charter (5 cabins) from 18,700USD per day


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Master Suite

  • Master Suite
  • Master Suite
Master Suite
Authentic colours, textures and styles derived from the cultures they embody, each of the 3 suites - Asmat, Bali and Java features spacious bathing facilities, a king size bed, and a gracious, comfortable décor.


Guest Suite

  • Guest Suite
  • Guest Suite
Guest Suite
Slightly smaller than the master suites, both guest suites - Sumba and Borneo have a double bed and a gracious, comfortable décor. Colours, textures and styles are also derived from the cultures of these two islands.


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Vessel Facilities & Highlights

Island picnic.


Your Host & The Team

“My goal was to create a traditional hand crafted vessel that speaks of the history of the Spice Trade and embodies the spirit of the Indonesian Archipelago while ensuring the highest international standards for safety, comfort , service and cuisine. In order to accomplish this goal a mutually respectful bridge between the knowledge and skill of the traditional boat builders and modern western marine technology had to be established.

Silolona is the embodiment and realization of that dream and is already being called the Ultimate Phinisi, truly a modern classic. Secret Retreats shares the same values and respect for people and traditions.”

Patti Seery – Cultural Liaison and Conservation

Patti Seery has been actively involved with the rich and vibrant cultures of the Dani and Asmat peoples of Irian Jaya since moving to Indonesia in 1983. Over the past several decades, Patti has served as a cultural liaison, arranged exhibitions, led cultural exchange tours and initiated a significant local mapping project in the province. She has also been extensively involved in the preservation and recognition of Asmat art, organising both a private exhibition and leading a major collection trip, which resulted in establishing the largest repository of Asmat art in the United States. Patti is on the Board of the American Museum of Asmat Art and the Indo-Pacific Conservation Alliance, and helped found LMAA, an association of Asmat people for Asmat cultural preservation.

In 2000, Patti began the ambitious project of building MSV Silolona. In leading journeys on this extraordinary vessel, as well as Si Datu Bua, Patti passionately continues her goal of serving as a bridge between indigenous peoples and visitors with the larger aims of cultural preservation and cross cultural understanding.
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A Journey to Komodo

Silolona VesselJagged silhouettes of sun drenched hills slipping into countless turquoise bays rimmed with pink sand beaches form the dramatic backdrop for the days idles and adventures. Relaxing on the sun deck sipping a fresh passion fruit frappe, a glass of champagne or a freshly brewed cappuccino, each day the choice is yours. The islands of Komodo are blessed with hundreds of secluded beaches, transparent crystal clear waters, and stunning coral reefs for some of the best diving in the world, waiting to be explored.
Seek your own private haven either onboard or ashore to read a book or simply stroll along a crescent shaped beach where the only footprints are yours or those of a Komodo dragon. While you were out collecting seashells your personal cabin steward has arranged for cold drinks under the white umbrellas in the sand. Late afternoon is the perfect time to gear up for some fishing and nothing is a more welcome addition to sunset cocktails on the aft deck than a delectable dish of freshly caught tuna sashimi.
Night time in Komodo brings its own special magic from dinner on deck under the brilliant stars of the Milky Way constellation to barbeques and bonfires on the beach. It is your personal choice. Shooting stars and glittering phosphorescence fades as you seek the sanctuary of your stateroom to rest up for the next day’s adventures…

With black sails billowing in the wind onboard Silolona, contact us here to explore the unspoiled islands of the Komodo Archipelago… or other destinations around Eastern Indonesia.



We Care

Founded by American-born architect and founder of Silolona Sojourns Patti Seery who is based in Indonesia, Patti became involved with the Asmat and Dani Tribes of Papua 30 years ago, and actively acts as a liaison between these fascinating yet vanishing cultures and some of the world’s leading institutions of cultural preservation including The Smithsonian, The Field Museum and The Art Institute of Chicago. She takes great pride in these and other ethnic groups’ rich traditions and customs across the vast Indonesian archipelago.

As a member of The Indo-Pacific Conservation Alliance (IPCA), a non‐profit biodiversity conservation organisation that focuses on the Pacific region, Silonona Sojourns currently participates in ongoing field projects in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. In addition, Silolona Sojourns is a vast supporter of marine conservation including supporting the conservation films of Shawn Heinrichs (Blue Sphere Media) and his work on the preservation of the Mantas in Indonesia, and Yayasan Toraja Melo (YTM), which aims to rejuvenate Indonesian indigenous arts & crafts whist improving the welfare of indigenous artisans and farmers, starting with women weavers in Toraja, South Sulawesi. Silonona Sojourns is also planning to expand its current efforts to other regions in Indonesia through a partnership with PEKKA (Women Headed Households) in Flores.

“Silolona and Si Datu Bua are both all-inclusive, fully staffed, 5 cabin and 3 cabin traditional Indonesian wooden boats (phinisi) cruise in east Indonesia and the Andaman Sea.”

Kim, the discoverer.

Useful Information

Length: 50m
Beam: 10m
Number of Cabins: 5 (3 master Suites + 2 guest Suites)
Annual Docking: from 01 to 15 March and 01 to 15 May 2015
Time zone: (GMT+09:00) Tokyo
Currency accepted: IDR
Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:  
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Eastern Indonesia (Komodo, Flores, Raja Ampat) and Andaman Islands (Langkawi, Phuket, Mergui). All designated airport pick ups are included

Eastern Indonesia (Komodo, Flores, Raja Ampat) + Andaman (Langkawi, Phuket, Mergui) East Indonesia, Indonesia