“Set on a small island amidst a 1200 kilometre conservation area that is home to sharks, this private island resort has 18 bungalows located either on the beach or over the water.”,
Kim, the discoverer. Read the full story.
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Hotel Description

Set on a private island amid pristine ecosystems, this secluded tropical paradise has powder white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, cockatoos, parrots, baby sharks, and turtles. Surrounded by a 1,200 sq km No-Take Zone (former shark-finning camp), cottages are built on stilts over the water while villas are nestled either on the beach or on the edge of the lagoon. The access to Misool requires a boat transfer from Sorong Airport. Transfers between the airport and the private island are included in the package rates, by private speed boat and at fixed date. Departure from Sorong at about 09:00 on scheduled transfer dates, arriving at Misool about 5 hours later.

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Hotel Facilities & Highlights

Misool highlight
Candle light dinner by the beach with a local and organic fare.
Misool highlight
The House Reef is a shore dive, easily accessed at any time from either the end of the jetty, the Dive Centre, or the steps leading down from your Water Cottage.
Misool highlight
Misool Foundation's mission is to safeguard the the most biodiverse reefs on Earth through the empowerment of local communities, providing a structure by which they are able to reclaim their traditional tenureship of reefs.
Misool highlight
The Foundation maintains a broad approach to conservation, combining environmental, social, and educational elements.

Your Host & The Team

Marit & Andrew MinersMarit & Andrew Miners
“Misool Eco Resort is the refuge we are all seeking when we try to find our way off the beaten path. It's a triumph of dreamers. Once you're here you will feel that it's a love story too, a story about individuals committed to a faraway place so special that no obstacle was insurmountable. Secret Retreats properties are linked by this same dream”

Andrew and Marit Miners – Saving the World’s Richest Reefs

As the visionaries behind Misool, Andrew and Marit Miners have successfully turned a former shark finning camp into a sanctuary for baby sharks averaging a 250% increase in fish biomass over a five-year period. Dedicated to promoting ethical, eco-friendly tourism and conserving the local environment, Misool is built from reclaimed hardwood, provides sustainable local employment opportunities, and fiercely protects its 300,000-acre / 1,220-square-kilometre Marine Reserve which boasts some of the world’s most biodiverse reefs. In 2005, Andrew and Marit started their first ‘No-Take Zone’ policy where all fishing, cyanide fishing, bombing, shark finning, and harvesting of turtle eggs and shellfish were prohibited, allowing for marine biodiversity to flourish and remain protected for generations to come. Currently the total Marine Protected Area surrounding the dive resort is twice the size of Singapore and patrolled by Misool’s own Ranger Patrol, which is financed by its sister nonprofit, Misool Foundation.

Andrew and Marit’s dream of sharing their passion for nature by creating an eco resort refuge at the edge of the world – where divers and non-divers alike can reconnect with nature while directly contributing financially toward preserving the world’s richest reefs – is a great success story that proves what’s possible when you have passion and determination.

We Care

This resort has created population databases for both reef and oceanic mantas present in Raja Ampat. Guests can become involved in the collection and identification of photos, and gain a greater awareness of these creatures and local environmental threats. The project also has an acoustic tagging program to learn more about the local reef mantas, looking at critical habitat use and migratory routes knowing they can travel up to 600 kilometres - potentially far outside of the Shark and Manta Sanctuary. In addition, and with the assistance of WildAid and Seacology, the Misool Eco Resort has built two community projects, one in Fafanlap and one in Usaha Jaya where they built a kindergarten, community centre, a market, and a purifying drinking water system.

Misool Eco Resort is devoted to educating local schools about wildlife preservation. They started a floating library by bringing books on marine conservation to the children. Today, it has evolved into two permanent libraries and a program that supports six full time teachers. Misool Eco Resort, in collaboration with Shark Savers and the support of the Palau, Maldives and Hawaiian government, organised a petition that turned Raja Ampat into a shark and Manta ray sanctuary. Together, their most significant achievement was getting the local village leaders to fine anyone fishing in the area. This eventually led to a regional law being passed that bans shark and manta ray fishing. Based on Mark Allen’s research, a fish expert from Murdoch University, since 2007, fish biomass has tripled in the Misool Eco Resort area. 

Useful Information

Total number of rooms: 18
Annual closing:
Mid June to early September

Time zone: (GMT+09:00) Tokyo
Currency accepted: IDR, EUR
Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:  
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Boat transfers from Sorong Airport to Misool re included.
Nearest Airport: Sorong SOQ (national) - 165 km

Batbitim Island, Raja Ampat West Papua, Indonesia


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