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Visit Restaurant Potong, the restaurant of Chef Pam, in the center of busy Bangkok for a decadent 20-course tasting experience. The restaurant was named after the pharmacy her Hokkien great-great-grandfather founded when they decided to settle in Thailand 130 years ago. One of the most renowned chefs in Thailand is Chef Pam. She was named to Forbes’ Coveted 30 under 30 list, and she acquired Condé Nast Traveler’s “The best New Restaurants in the world: 2022 Hot List”. This renowned revolutionary Thai-Chinese restaurant is situated in a 120-year-old structure in the heart of the bustling city and combines tradition with innovation. Indulge on a culinary trip that draws inspiration from and is based on the following 5 elements: salt, acid, spice, maillard reaction, and texture. It also incorporates a touch of both traditional and modern flavors. The majority of the ingredients such as: soy sauce, miso, fermented tea are produced in-house with great attention to detail. A few examples of dishes that use these ingredients include the 14-day dry-aged duck, barbecued Angus beef, and stir-fried Chinese kale.

The Chef and the Brigade

“I was born into a family of the 4th generation Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine producer. Our family origin starts right here, at this very Potong building. I believe that dining can happen on a spiritual level - when the cuisine, the wine, the service, and the overall ambiance transpire in equal measure - At that moment, like a brisk snapshot, it captures your memory. I want to welcome you to my Potong in Chinatown. Through the tasting course, you will be traveling through my memories. The charm of Thai-Chinese cuisine lies in how it encapsulates the cultures of Hokkien and Teochew settlers, who had to integrate with their surroundings in Thailand in the form of cuisine.”

“In Chinatown, a 120-year-old pharmacy has been transformed into a popular fine dining destination with a novel 20+ dish set menu with an incredible design.”
Kim, the discoverer.


The rough translation of Potong (普通) is “simple”. The name Potong comes from Chef Pam’s family business in which they were producing Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine since 1910. The building where Restaurant Potong is located was built using methods and techniques as well as distinctive designs of SINO-Portuguese that were extremely advanced back in the day. When it was being built in Bangkok’s Chinatown, it quickly rose to become one of the tallest and perhaps the most admired structures in the area. Chef Pam’s family have lived in the building for over a century and produced Chinese medicine using the name “保坤益母藥” (bǎo kūn yì mǔ yào). The five-story structure has a unique story, spanning several eras.

Potong elevated one of the finest architectural and design concepts. The design principle known as “Juxtaposition”, which involves pairing up two fully complete elements close to one another. In this case, the use of a dark scenery and earthy tones of Potong juxtaposes with the history of the building. You will learn how memories are generated through this concept during your experience at Potong, whether it is the food, the environment, the drinks, or the service.


Progressive Thai-Chinese cuisine is offered at restaurant POTONG. In the area where our restaurant is located, the local Thai Chinese communities have a strong influence on the cuisine (Chinatown). Chef Pam drew inspiration for each course from her memories of these flavors. Local Thai-Chinese ingredients are used in the chef tasting's course meal, which is prepared using both conventional and cutting-edge methods. The fundamental tenets of restaurant POTONG concentrates on the five elements and five senses.

5 Elements:
"Salt, Acid, Spice, Texture, and Maillard Reaction"
One flavor profile can differ substantially from another depending on time and place. Chef Pam develops her own framework via her research and culinary journey by becoming an expert in each element. Every element has its own distinct features that, when joined, functions in unison to form an unforgettable experience. This inspired her to create a culinary theory known as the 5 Elements, which became the basis for the cuisine at Potong.
5 Senses: “Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch”
The underlying inquiry Chef Pam posed to herself at the absolute starting point of making her first course was, how do I create an exceptional and extraordinary experience? Can it be possible to formulate a memory for her guests and ‘liberate’ one to join her memory at the same time?

Facilities and Highlights

Restaurant Potong highlight
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    Air ConditioningAir Conditioning
    Indoor DiningIndoor Dining
    Private DiningPrivate Dining
    Locally Sourced ProduceLocally Sourced Produce
    Chef/Tasting MenuChef/Tasting Menu
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Useful Information

Opening time:
Dinner only: with seating at 5.00 PM and 6.00 PM (duration 2h30-3h)
Dress code: Business Casual.
No children age under 9.

Closing period:
Open Thursday to Monday – Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

Annual closing:
Open all year

Time zone: (GMT+07:00) Bangkok
Currency accepted: THB
Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:

MRT: Wat Mangkon - 1 km

422 Vanich Rd. Samphanthawong Samphanthawong Bangkok 10100
(ร้านอาหารโพทง), 422 ถนน วาณิช 1 เขตสัมพันธวงศ์, Samphanthawong, สัมพันธวงศ์, Bangkok 10100


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