A holiday in Cambodia offers fascination, adventure and relaxation and a wonderful choice of holiday accommodation from luxury resorts and riverboats to boutique hotels Cambodia offers a wealth of variety of experiences to the traveller. Secret Retreats have curated a collection of boutique hotels and luxury resorts to provide you with a shortlist of holiday accommodation for your Cambodia holidays. And working with our hoteliers in the destinations our Secret Retreats concierge team is ready to tailor-make your Cambodia vacation combining for you the best places to stay in Cambodia, the best restaurants offering creative and inspiring dining experiences and the ‘must see sights and experiences. Staying at one of the Secret Retreats curated collection of boutique hotels or luxury resorts provides you with a true sense of place, a cornerstone of the boutique hotel experience, why travel to stay in a homogenized corporate luxury hotel whose service style and character is the same the world over, regardless of the destination,
a pleasant experience but no sense of place.
Travel is all about experiences, comfort and luxury is important but without a sincere sense of place, you could be anywhere in the world. The beauty of travel is in the experiences, the people you meet, the stories you hear, the flavours of the regions you visit, the art and culture of the destination, the history and of course the hospitality. This is the sense of place Secret Retreats boutique hotels and luxury resorts strive to provide you with.

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The Best Hotels in Cambodia are Equal to the Best Hotels
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A proud and ancient nation with a harrowing recent past, Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge nearly succeeded in their goal of resetting Cambodia’s clock to year zero in just 4 short bloody years from 1976 to 1979. It is testament to the courage and spirit of the Cambodian people that have brought Cambodia back from the brink to the peaceful, innovative, industrious and welcoming country that it is today. And no greater example can be found perhaps than in the quality of the hospitality, from international brands to local brands and independent boutique hotels it truly is fair to say that the best hotels in Cambodia compare favourably to any of the best hotels and boutique hotels the wider world has to offer.
A warm and gentle people with a cheerful optimism, there is a national pride that wants to take steps forward for Cambodia, to see it continue to grow and develop. These characteristics are reflected in the quality of the hospitality in the best places to stay in Cambodia as the hotel teams strive to improve, and provide the best hospitality experience they can to all their guests and visitors.

A Wonderfully Diverse Land, a Secret Retreats Cambodia Hotel Stay has Something for Everyone

Many Secret Retreat guests, who enjoy our exclusive selection of luxury Cambodia Hotels and resorts, come to Cambodia to explore the rich history and unique culture that the country has to offer. Cambodia’s history stretches far back into ancient time, reaching its apogee in the 12th century CE with the Khmer Empire and the construction of Angkor Wat, The City of Temples, discover this rich history during your Cambodia vacation. The Khmer empire was south east Asia’s largest empire, its influence was felt across the region from Thailand to Laos, Vietnam and across into China.
Perhaps the best indication of the power and importance of the Khmer empire is exemplified in the scale of the Angkor Wat temple complex. In 2007 a team of archeologists determined that Angkor Wat was the world’s largest pre-industrial age city with an urban area of 1,151 square miles 2,980 square kilometers) supporting an urban population of more than 1 million people. An incredible achievement and made all the more incredible when you experience for yourself the remains of this great empire in the standing temples of the Angkor Wat temple complex the construction of which is awe inspiring. The breathtaking stonecarving and bas reliefs and the architectural achievements from the city’s irrigation and water supply systems to the city planning and relationships between structures, it truly is magnificent.

A highlight of any Cambodia luxury holiday and Cambodia hotel stay has to be the Angkor Wat temples but Cambodia is more than these incredible enigmatic ruins. A diverse landscape Cambodia offers the traveller pristine tropical islands and beaches on its south western coast, rich wildlife in the national parks, the lushly forested Cardamom and Elephant mountains in the west of the country, the Cambodian plain to the north where a sandstone escarpment stretches more than 200 miles (320 kilometres) and rises to height of 1,800feet (550metres) above the plain and the heartland of Cambodia.
The central plain is the most densely populated region of Cambodia. The bread basket of the country the plain is home to the country’s rice cultivation watered as it is by the upper reaches of the Mekong Delta and the Tonle Sap lake. This incredible lake, Tonle Sap, is home to unique wildlife and lake living Cambodians who spend almost their entire lives living and working on the lake. Measuring about 2,590 square kilometres (1,000 square miles) during the dry season the lake expands across the plain during the rainy season inundating an area as large as 24,605 square kilometres (9,500 square miles)!

Cambodia Travel Packages and Hotels by Secret Retreats

A Secret Retreats Cambodia hotel travel package, tailormade for your Cambodia vacation, can put together the must-see sights that suit your preferences and interests. Using local knowledge we can ensure you experience the best of Cambodia, from the national parks and beautiful coastal scenery of Kep famed for its delicious crabs, and neighbouring Kampot cheered by the world’s best chefs for its pepper, and to Siem Reap for ancient culture and the wondrous Angkor Wat temple complex maybe taking in some soft adventure and mountain biking into the jungle to seek out temple ruins off the tourist path and follow this with a unique private dining experience in the shadow of ancient ruins.

Or perhaps an exotic honeymoon glamping next to a waterfall deep in the forests around Phnom Kulen Mountain, trekking to remote temples well off the beaten track and from here head south to the Cardamom mountains for the ultimate in the glamping Cambodia experience, sleeping in luxurious tents directly on the river! Surrounded by forest with the sea a few miles downstream you are perfectly positioned to enjoy Cambodia’s wildlife of forest, mountain and sea coast, guided by expert naturalists. Or for the pinnacle of old world luxury take a cruise along the Mekong and Tonle Sap Lake, cruising between the ancient world of Siem Reap and its Angkor temples through the unique ecosystem that is Tonle Sap and the Mekong Delta and on to the ultra modern and fascinating Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

Let Secret Retreats Unveil the essence of Asia to you with our tailormade Cambodia holiday packages. Contact the Secret Retreats concierge today and start planning your Cambodia luxury holidays now!