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A river cruise in India is one of the best ways to explore and discover this amazing country, from your serene and luxurious accommodations aboard our luxury cruise on the Brahmaputra you will witness and enjoy some of Asia’s most wonderful wildlife sights, hear the stories from India’s rich history and encounter fascinating cultures. A Brahmaputra River cruise shares so much with the traveller, it really has it all from fascinating adventures to the ultimate relaxation that only river cruising can provide. The Brahmaputra River carves its way from a lake at the foot of the holy Mount Kailash in Tibet, winding its way through northeastern India and on into the Ganges Delta within Bangladesh, where it joins with the Ganges before entering the Bay of Bengal. A very important river, the Brahmaputra River sustains the livelihoods of an estimated 100+ million people who live and work on or along its more than 2,400miles of length from the Himalayas to the sea. The lower reaches of the Brahmaputra River, within the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, are holy to followers of the Hindu faith. Considered by many as the lifeline of Assam, the Brahmaputra River is also vitally important to the survival and conservation of many eco-systems and wildlife that live along its banks; nature and wildlife that you will enjoy seeing on a Brahmaputra boat cruise with Secret Retreats. The river nurtures 5 National Parks and at least 20 Wildlife Sanctuaries on its journey to the sea through India, passing the magnificent, and unmissable for any nature lovers, Kaziranga National Park in Assam. And it must be said that the nature-based tourism of Secret Retreats such as at Diphlu Lodge and aboard one of our Assam Bengal Navigation Brahmaputra River cruises or our cruises on the Ganges all contribute to the further protection of these vitally important nature sanctuaries, home as they are to many endangered species such as the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Indian One-Horned Rhino.

Your Host and The Team

“As 2nd gen of this family-run company, I am so proud to have earmarked India's greatest Himalayan Rivers in the world river cruising map. Assam Bengal Navigation Co. is a conscious-luxury collection of boutique river cruise ships, private houseboats and jungle lodges in East India. I welcome you to cruise the Ganges & the Brahmaputra Rivers with Assam Bengal Navigation. Where our team of local crew, expert guides and a special mention to our head of operations, Nirmalya (fondly known as Nemo) have been instrumental in consciously curating a comprehensive itinerary after traversing the length and breadth of the two Himalayan River valleys with cultivated knowledge-on-ground to create a remarkable Himalayan river journey filled with experiences in harmony with the local culture and nature. Together, we experience the traditions, the architectural marvels, the biodiversity come to life, the riverine community spirit, the cuisine and the culture of the places we visit, for the luxury we offer lies in genuine and often unexpected, extraordinary encounters and experiences, untrodden by the footprint of mass-tourism.”

A Brahmaputra Boat Cruise to Suit Every Occasion

Here at Secret Retreats we strive to search out and share with you, the traveller, the very best travel experiences Asia has to offer so whether you are looking for something private for a romantic Assam river cruise for just the two of you, or perhaps something a little bigger but equally private for a family get together, or a more traditional join-in cabin cruise, we know we have a Brahmaputra boat cruise to suit every occasion. Our thoughtfully designed choice of thematic Brahmaputra River cruises run from as short as 3-nights, perfect for a quick getaway, to a more complete and idyllic 14-night river cruise. Each cruise combines river cruising with shore excursions, time to enjoy life on the boat as the Brahmaputra’s river banks share beautiful vistas and wondrous stories with you as you cruise serenely by, and time ashore, guided, to explore rural villages, go on safari in the iconic Kaziranga National Park, meet and learn about the dancing monks of Majuli, and not forgetting to share with you during your Brahmaputra river cruise, Assam’s world renowned wonders of its tea gardens and silk weaving heritage. Our Brahmaputra River cruises are designed and managed by the absolute experts of river cruising in Assam, the team at Assam Bengal Navigation. They know every twist and turn of the Ganges and the Brahmaputra River, every sight to see, every story that needs to be told, and in cooperation with the Secret Retreats community we know we can unveil and share very the essence of India with you. Book your cruise and your pre and post cruise stays and adventures with Secret Retreats and discover and enjoy the very best of Incredible India on your next holiday in Asia!

“This is the best way to see Northeastern India and Assam bar none. Take your boutique hotel with you every step of the way on a Brahmaputra River cruise. Luxury comes in many forms, comfort, convenience, personalization, privacy, warm hospitality that anticipates your every need and not forgetting unique and wondrous experiences. These Brahmaputra River cruises have all this and more. Book your cruise now before they book out!”
Kim, the discoverer.

Your Brahmaputra River Cruise Ship Awaits to Share the Secrets of Assam with You

Cruises operate between the months of October and April on a choice of itineraries cruising between Guwahati and Dibrugarh on your choice of Brahmaputra River cruise ship from a fleet of 4 vessels. Available for private charter cruising, the MV Rudra Singha houseboat is perfect for couples or a small family looking for total privacy while cruising the Brahmaputra. Along with its slightly larger 2-cabin sister boat, the Rudra Singha 2, these traditional Assamese Pansoinau boats are flat bottomed with a very shallow draft meaning they can cruise further than many other leisure craft and take guests into the upper reaches of the Brahmaputra River, off the beaten path into the lesser known countryside of the Eastern Himalayas. The Rudra Singha 2 is perfect for families or small groups of friends accommodating as it does up to 5 adults in 2 cabins. The Sukapha river boat has 12 cabins accommodating up to 24 guests on join-in or full charter cabin Brahmaputra cruises. And the largest river boat of the fleet, the MV Charaidew 2, home to 18 luxurious cabins for your Brahmaputra River cruise of a lifetime.

Our Thematic Cruises to Enjoy on Your Luxury Cruise on the Brahmaputra

Travel the Assam Valley on a luxury cruise on the Brahmaputra River taking in and enjoying all the very best sights the region has to offer on one of our thematic cruise itineraries. Or contact the Secret Retreats travel team to discuss, plan and book a private charter cruise on a tailor-made cruise just for you.

– Rhinos And More: A 7-night Guwahati Brahmaputra cruise that sails between Guwahati and Silghat. Discover the lifestyle and culture of the people that live along this stretch of the Brahmaputra. And then take a safari into the magnificent Kaziranga National Park to see the Royal Bengal Tiger and iconic Indian One-Horned Rhino.
– Rhinos And Silk: A 4-night Guwahati Brahmaputra cruise sailing between Guwahati and Silghat and stopping off at Kaziranga National Park. Learn about Assam’s world-famous sericulture when visiting the silk weaving villages and visit Kaziranga National Park to go on safari for the One-Horned Rhino and Royal Bengal Tigers.
– River Island Cruise: This 7-night Brahmaputra River cruise takes you to the upper reaches of the navigable Brahmaputra River, into the shadow of the mighty Eastern Himalayas. On this cruise you will witness Majuli Island’s unique monastic cultures with its dancing monks, discover the ancient history of Sibsagar, once home to the Ahom Kings, and a not to be missed safari in to Kaziranga National Park to spot the One-Horned Rhino and the Royal Bengal Tigers.
– Brahmaputra Maximum: A 10-night Brahmaputra cruise Dibrugarh to Guwahati. This cruise weaves all the beautiful threads of life along the Brahmaputra into one fascinating cruise. Visit the old capital city of the Ahom Kings, learn about Assam’s renowned sericulture when visiting the silk weaving communities, stop off at Majuli Island and visit the unique Hindu monasteries there with their dancing monks, temple visits to Tezpur and Madan Kamdev, and not forgetting a safari in Kaziranga National Park to see the One-Horned Rhinos and the Royal Bengal Tigers.
– Brahmaputra Taster: A 3-night Brahmaputra cruise. This cruise itinerary includes guided visits and walks to remote villages, and a jeep safari through the little known Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary to hopefully spot a One-Horned Rhino. A short getaway truly done in style, and the perfect introduction to Assam.
– Special Departure Dhaka to Guwahati: A wonderful opportunity to take an exploratory cruise on Bangladesh’s Jamuna River and cruise upstream from Dhaka to Guwahati. As you cruise over the border into India and the Assam Valley, the river changes its name to the Brahmaputra. A sense of adventure is required to join this cruise, as this Brahmaputra Cruise is a first of its kind.


Rudra Singha (One cabin houseboat available for private charter)

The MV Rudra Singha is a one-cabin houseboat that comfortably accommodates couples or a family of up to 4 people (2 adults and 2 children, or 3 adults). Built in the style of an Assamese Pansoinau by local boatbuilders in the traditional ways. The MV Rudra Singha is blessed by being a flat-bottomed boat with a very shallow draft which enables it to access the upper reaches of the Brahmaputra, going where most leisure boats are unable to cruise, opening up more of Assam’s natural beauty to only those lucky enough to go private cruising aboard the MV Rudra Singha. Equipped with a 12sqm master bedroom, lounge and private bathroom, the MV Rudra Singha is manned by a professional crew of 4 including captain, sailor, chef and cruise manager/guide. The living/sleeping spaces are air-conditioned and the lounge, set with a sofa bed, can double up as a bedroom for children or 1 adult as required. Cabin windows share panoramic views of the Brahmaputra’s scenery, and the boat also features a sundeck, deck seating area and shady dining area.
Length: 21 m
Beam: 4 m
Number of Cabins: 1
Annual docking: May to September

The Rudra Singha II (a two-cabin boat available for private charter)

The big-sister ship of the Rudra Singha the MV Rudra Singha II features two twin cabins and can comfortably sleep up to 5 adults. Set with 2 cabins and a lounge, all the living and sleeping spaces are fully air-conditioned and share panoramic views of the Brahmaputra’s scenery with guests. There are also 2 private bathrooms for guests. On deck there is a comfy seating area, sundeck and shady dining area too. This Brahmaputra River cruise ship is manned by a professional crew of 5 including a captain, sailor, chef, chef’s assistant and a cruise manager/guide. As with its little sister ship, the MV Rudra Singha II is built to a traditional design and enjoys a very shallow draft allowing it to cruise off the beaten path of other leisure cruises on the Brahmaputra and share the little-known natural wonders of the upper reaches of the river with guests.
Length: 21 m
Beam: 4 m
Number of Cabins: 2
Annual docking: May to September

Sukapha (12 cabins)

The 12-cabin Sukapha was fully designed for cruising on the Brahmaputra River. The 14sqm cabins are perfect for solo-travellers or couples, comfortably sleeping a maximum of 2 guests. Panelled with locally sourced bamboo, the cabins feature French balconies offering panoramic views of the Brahmaputra River. The cabins are also air-conditioned and set with a private en-suite bathroom. Locally sourced objet d’art, furniture and décor aboard the Sukapha pays homage to local Assamese craftspeople. The Sukapha also features a spacious dining room, saloon lounge, spa and sundeck.
Length: 40 m
Beam: 10 m
Number of Cabins: 12
Annual docking: May to July

Charaidew II (18 cabins)

The MV Charaidew II is set with 18 luxurious cabins, with two 35sqm Deluxe Cabins and twelve 24sqm Twin/Double Cabins set on the upper deck, and four 17sqm Queen Bedded cabins set apart from the other cabins on the main deck. Décor throughout reflects the MV Charaidew II’s Assamese heritage featuring locally sourced art, hand-woven fabrics, and furniture. The Deluxe Cabins enjoy private balconies while all the other cabins are set with French balconies sharing panoramic views of the Brahmaputra’s scenery with guests. This wonderful Brahmaputra River cruise ship is also set with a spa, dining room, saloon lounge, gym and a large sundeck.
Length: 44.50 m
Beam: 11 m
Number of Cabins: 18
Annual docking: May to July

Vessel Facilities and Highlights

Cruises on The Brahmaputra highlight
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    Air ConditioningAir Conditioning
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    River CruiseRiver Cruise

Useful Information

Cruising Areas: India
Annual docking: May to July
Time zone: (GMT+05:30) New Delhi
Currency accepted: USD, INR
Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:
Guests aboard all Brahmaputra River cruises are provided with complimentary shared arrival and departure transfers to and from the nearest airport or city hotel. Private transfers can also be arranged (chargeable).
Airport: Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Guwahati International Airport (GAU) - 17 km


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