“Recently opened by the young Singaporean chef, Jimmy Lim, JL Studio serves modern Singapore cuisine that is committed to using local Taiwanese produce. Jimmy’s menu is inspired by the traditional flavors and mix of cultures that define Singapore.”,
Kim, the discoverer.
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Restaurant Description

Situated in the bustling city of Taichung, JL Studio takes a contemporary yet authentic approach to cooking that specialises in a creative, yet refined, version of Modern Singaporean Cuisine. Defined as "Mod-Sin", the menu is prepared using only very best local ingredients Taiwan has to offer. Led by Chef Jimmy Lim Tyan Yaw, his primary goal is to ensure guests savor their experience while dining on artistically prepared, fresh and highly enjoyable dishes.

90% of the products are locally sourced on daily basis, avoiding excess, guaranteeing freshness, reducing food miles and promoting quality amongst local farmers. JL Studio is a fine dining establishment that focuses equally upon the cuisine and the experience. JL Studio welcomes everyone and anyone to join them to take part in their culinary ethos.

Dress Code: Smart Causal
Child Policy: No children under 8 years old

The Chef & His Brigade

Jimmy LimJimmy Lim
“At JL Studio, I am passionate about sharing the flavours of my love, my memories and my roots. I wish to showcase the amazing spectrum of tastes from Singapore and South-East Asia while showcasing the beautiful local produce from Taiwan.”

Biography - Jimmy Lim

Jimmy’s love of tantilising flavour started at a very young age. Growing up in Singapore, he spent his childhood dashing around his father’s restaurant kitchen, where local favorites such as curry fish head, chili crab and clay pot tofu were the order of the day. Little did he know at the time, this would be the place that planted the seeds for his relentless search for incredible tastes. During his teenage years, a career in the sporting industry was Jimmy’s dream, but a serious knee injury was to cut his plans short. Through the journey of a lengthy recovery period he slowly found his re-awakening and pure joy back in the kitchen.

Brimming with a thirst for knowledge, Jimmy enrolled into SHATEC (a culinary school in Singapore). During his schooling, he represented both SHATEC and Singapore in numerous culinary competitions. Most notable, was when he represented Singapore in the 2006 WACS World Young Chef Challenge, where he was awarded a gold medal. The same year, he also earned the accolade of Best Apprentice Team at Singapore’s FHA Two to Tango Competition, and was nominated as one of the “50 Young People to Watch” by the Singapore Straits Time Newspaper.

Jimmy joined Le Mout Restaurant in Taichung, Taiwan in 2008, and over the duration seven years, he worked his way up from a Chef de Partie to Chef de Cuisine. To keep himself abreast with the international culinary arena he also worked at The French Laundry (Napa Valley), Per Se (New York), Noma(Copenhagen) and Geranium(Copenhagen). With the opportunity to pass through some of the world’s most renowned kitchens, Jimmy’s became open to endless possibilities and began to explore his vision.

In 2017, Jimmy Lim founded JL Studio in Taiwan, with a mission to share the taste of his homeland. At JL Studio, Chef Jimmy creates Modern Singaporean Cuisine with the ambition to showcase the wide spectrum of flavours that Singapore and South East Asia have to offer. He is currently strivng to re-interpret Singaporean food into a more international language, with the wish for more guests to relate to, and enjoy his passion and cuisine.

We Care

Project Tanah
Beginning in January 2017, the goal for JL studio has been to use (where possible) 100% all local produce, sourced from local farmers who practice responsible and sustainable agricultural methods. Our objective is to let more people know that we have incredible local Taiwanese produce, with farmers who genuinely care for this land. We actively search for local producers who are passionate about their product and their environment. We actively collaborate with the farmers to help support them on their journey to market, assisting them to promote their goods to more consumers and fellow industry friends.

Already, some of the small farmers are being increasingly recognised within the industry for the quality of their goods. In addition, many of our guests are also starting to notice the amazing ingredients that comes directly from our dedicated producers.

Welcome to Taichung

Discover the sites in west-central Taiwan’s third largest city. Visit Taichung’s historic temples, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Natural Science. Hike along the trails in the nearby picturesque mountains and national parks. Relax over a rejuvenating soak in a beautiful hot spring or at a spa. Linger over a pot of hot tea or bubble tea at a traditional teahouse. Experience Taiwan’s famous food culture filled with exotic tastes at the bustling night markets. Shop for local handicrafts, and attend a native music or opera performance. Taichung—a feast for the senses in the heart of Taiwan.

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