AKAME presents modern aboriginal cuisine, designed to reinterpret Taiwan’s indigenous foods. The word “AKAME” means grilling, in the language of the Taiwanese indigenous Rukai tribe, who’s people are distributed across the south of Taiwan.
Chef Alex Peng gathers the ingredients for his kitchen from across Taiwan, often from some of the most remote of places in the country, and cooks by grilling on a traditional wood-fire brick oven using only seasonal foods, along with characteristic spices and wild herbs from the surrounding hills and forests. AKAME restaurant is located in a small village called Guchabo'an, the birthplace of chef and owner Alex Peng.


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  • Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere
Chef Alex decided to open in his Rukai homeland precisely to make the journey part of the experience. His desire is to create a holistic dining atmosphere whereby the commitment of making a reservation and travelling for some time to a different space and environment, alters the overall mood and perception. 16 seats in two rows overlook the open kitchen and traditional brick over, with one table for four situated in the back of the restaurant. Charming and rustic, AKAME is a warm and friendly environment where guests are encouraged to talk and share.


  • Cuisine
  • Cuisine
  • Cuisine
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As per its name, “akame” the local aboriginal Rukai tribe word for grill, the food is all grilled on a specially designed wood-fire brick-oven using seasonal food, characteristic spices and wild herbs from the surrounding hills and forest. It’s a modern aboriginal cuisine. Food prepping is intensive, since some of the ingredients are rare and can only be found in remote areas. “We use a lot of wild herbs from the mountains. Some are difficult to source, so we get friends who are familiar with the mountain environment to help us find them. For example, we use prickly ash leaf and flower, mountain asparagus, five-needle pine, and seeds from the nutgall tree.” AKAME is similar to barbecue bistro restaurant not fine dining and our a-la-carte menu changing every day. We provide fresh ingredients, create unique flavor and offer lively atmosphere and service.

The Chef & the Brigade

“I always dreamed about opening a new style aboriginal restaurant since I first began learning my culinary skills. Now my dreams have come true, and it is just the beginning. I never stop looking for unique tribal ingredients, especially those that are gradually disappearing from use in the Rukai tribal culture. I connect with good people from across Taiwan to supply me with fresh and wild ingredients from the mountains and the sea. My mission is to collect precious ingredients and stimulate different ideas as to how to use them creatively and share with everyone. I believe there are many more tribal ingredients that can be preserved and more widely used. I hope guests will come to AKAME not solely for the food but also to experience the cultural journey that awaits them. This is why I chose to open my restaurant in the village, and not in the city.”

Full Bio

Owner-chef Alex Peng is a Le Cordon Bleu graduate who was further trained by André Chiang, considered to be one of the world’s top chefs. Originally studying civil engineering, Alex discovered he loved cooking far more. Graduating from college, he decided to start work in the kitchen and to date has accumulated 20 years of culinary skills. After working for several years with André Chiang in Singapore, Chef Alex decided to return to his roots in Pingtung, in the ancient Rukai tribe village of Kucapungane.
“Chef Andre inspired me a lot, especially how he read up about and understood the ingredients that he uses so well. So when I returned home, I never stopped looking for wild ingredients that I could use in our cuisine and was stimulated by a lot of different ideas on how to use them.”

“AKAME is a very small restaurant that can only accept up to 18 guests per seating and is serviced by a kitchen crew of just five members, led by Chef Alex Peng, from aborigine origins and cooking all dishes by using a traditional wood-fire brick oven. Located in the hills outside Kaoshiung.”

Kim, the discoverer.

Useful Information

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Wed-Sun 18:00-00:00 (2 services at 18:00 and 21:00) except Monday and Tuesday
On reservation only by email dream@secret-retreats.com

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Time zone: (GMT+08:00) Beijing
Currency accepted: TWD
Electricity voltage: 220V
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Your concierge is ready to assist you with planning and completing your reservation, contact them on dine@secret-retreats.com
From Taiwan High Speed Rail(THSR) Koahsiung Xinzuoying Station, a taxi from the station to Akame takes about 50mn drive. We can book a taxi for return.
屏東縣 霧台鄉 好茶村 古查柏安街 17巷 8號
Dress code: casual
Nearest Station: Sinzuoying (新左營) - 50 km

No.8, Ln.17 , Guchabo'an St., Wutai Township, Pingtung 90241 Kaohsiung, Taiwan