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Dating back over 5,000 years and officially known as the People’s Republic of China, mesmerising, contradicting China is the world’s most populous country. Comprising 22 provinces including Taiwan, four municipalities, five autonomous regions and the two special administrative regions Hong Kong and Macau, the Middle Kingdom is as rural as it is urban.

Riddled with history and embracing a rich heritage, fascination for this vast land has been exciting and bewildering visitors for centuries. From the riveting UNESCO World Heritage sites in Beijing to the sprawling modern metropolises of Shanghai and Hong Kong, filled with towering skyscrapers, which are interlaced with narrow, winding streets of yesteryear, urban life in China is a blend of old and new. Further afield, with legends and myths, the small historic towns strewn across China’s immense countryside, replete with indigenous cultures, languages, and local cuisine, propose an altogether different yet inspiring experience—the possibilities in China are endless.