Secret Retreats is a collection of nearly 200 independently owned boutique hotels, lodges, camps, villas, restaurants and cruises throughout Asia offering authentic travel experiences that go beyond typical offerings and connect to the very heart of Asian culture and traditions. At Secret Retreats properties, guests unlock the secrets of Asia accessing highly unique experiences though memorable stays that showcase the local community, culture, cuisine and atmosphere.


« Our home is your home »

We believe that luxury is not about acquiring extravagant products and lavish facilities - the intrinsic value of luxury cannot be derived from a monetary exchange, rather it is found in the enriching moments that are shared while cultivating new connections and experiences. Secret Retreats members are vibrant advocates of their surroundings and also share common values when it comes to supporting environmental conservation, and the preservation of local cultures and communities in which they are based to ensure continued opportunities for both locals and travellers.

Kim, The Explorer

During the course of his travels in Asia, he stays at every Secret Retreats property, dines at all our restaurants, and meets with each Secret Retreats owner. As a testimony of his love for the continent and Asian hospitality, Kim shares his passion for Asia, its people and their cultures, the diversity of their cuisines and traditions, their art and history, and the beauty of the nature that surrounds them with all of us.

“I have no culture, no country. I belong to them all” my father used to say.

Kim, the discoverer.

The Founders

The Team




« The story of Secret Retreats is one of community, the story of the Secret Retreats plaque is one of community too. »

Chiang Mai was founded by, and became home to, many communities of artisans. Over time, many of these artisan skills are dying out and disappearing from the communities, taking the cottage industry that supports them and the unique local heritage with them. Phra Phairat of Sri Suphan temple decided to revive his community’s artistic heritage and promote artistic endeavours and opportunity through teaching the novice monks and lay people the craft of repoussé-work (metal embossing) that his Wualai community was built on nearly 700 years ago.

Phra Phairat’s work has lead to 100s of students studying the traditional crafts from their communities, and inspired other temples to research and revive the traditional crafts that their communities were founded on, creating opportunities for cottage industries across north Thailand. Secret Retreats is supporting Phra Phairat’s work with all our plaques being made by the novice monks of Sri Suphan temple, Chiang Mai.

The Secret Retreats logo, the marque of our community, ensures travellers of unique and sincere experiences, and quality hospitality.

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Travel Asia with Secret Retreats

Secret Retreats is a curated community of independent boutique hotel, villas, yachts and river boats keen to share their Asian Homes with travelers, sustainably and responsibly. Conservation of the environment, culture and traditions of Asia is of paramount importance to all in Secret Retreats. A community of like-minded hospitality professionals, we offer our guests authentic travel experiences that go beyond typical offerings to unveil the essence of Asia. Supporting the Asia based hoteliers and hospitality professionals and providing incredible holidays in Asia and tailor-made Asia travel itineraries direct to public ad travel agents.
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