“Located just door to the Gyeongbokgung Palace and offering a traditional Korean experience, this restored, minimalist décor home has 4 hanoks (rooms) where the beds are made up in the evening.”,
Kim, the discoverer. Read the full story.
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Hotel Description

This 130 year old Korean traditional house is reminiscent of an aristocratic Chosun Dynasty home. Standing in a square formation around the yard, the elegance of ancient noblemen can be felt in every crevice. The elegant pavilion, lotus pond, patio, and relaxing yellow-mud sauna heated with firewood enhance a healthy sleep on a natural jade ondol floor.

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Hotel Facilities & Highlights

Rak Ko Jae Seoul highlight
Experience first hand how to prepare kimchi, or a traditional tea ceremony with the kitchen team of Rak Ko Jae.
Rak Ko Jae Seoul highlight
His passion for wood, carpentry and tradition prompted the owner to open a Hanok school to promote now-how and new talents.

Your Host & The Team

Young Hwan AhnYoung Hwan Ahn
“The world is now emerging beyond its focus on self comfort and moving towards the pursuit of true relaxation, a healthy body, and a peaceful mind. In today’s era of cold modernism, exact science and calculative digitalism, there is a fervent need for something more. We at RakKoJae believe that elegance of Korea and the warm-heartedness of the Korean people is the answer to this problem. RakKoJae is truly a breath of fresh air from ubiquitous hotels. We provide an unforgettable travel experience that is sure to nourish your inner spirit. If the comfort from the lines and empty spaces of a Hanok is the beautiful hardware, the elegance and warm-heartedness of Korea is the elegant software that fills it. We believe that these factors are what create the emotions unique to Korea that cannot be felt elsewhere in the world. With the passage of time, Hanok develop an old fashioned ambiance and grace. It is a home that is in harmony with nature, where even the wind and the moonlight come to rest. A Secret Retreat that can only be experienced in a Hanok awaits you.”

Young Hwan Ahn - Master Carpenter and Human National Treasure

Young H. Ahn is a Master Carpenter and Human National Treasure who’s personal love for Korea’s hanok, traditional houses, led him to start the first Korean traditional home experience in the early 90s. Ahn’s seminal work in both preserving and celebrating Korean architecture is reflected in the two properties he created, RakKoJae Seoul and RakKoJae Hahoe, which are now run by his son, Michael Ahn. Both properties have received international acclaim and the value of Hahoe Folk Village was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site shortly after RakKoJae Hahoe opened. Captivated by the ability of a hanok to bring comfort and tranquility, Ahn started a carpentry school that promotes and preserves the ancient traditions of Korea’s craftsmanship.

"The world is now emerging beyond its focus on self comfort and moving toward the pursuit of true relaxation, a healthy body and a peaceful mind. In today’s era of cold modernism, exact science and calculative digitalism, there is a fervent need for something more,” says Ahn

Welcome to Seoul

Nestled along the Han River and officially known as Seoul Special City, dynamic Seoul is the nation’s capital and one of the world’s biggest metropolises.

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