Unveiling the essence of Asia

Historical Insights into the Ports of Call of our Secret Cruises.

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Unveiling the Histories of our Asian Port Cities on a Secret Cruise.

Considering a cruise holiday often evokes thoughts of luxury, relaxation, and breathtaking views. But in addition to luxuriating in a water borne lifestyle, the journey harbors a treasure trove of historical significance just waiting to be discovered. Port cities have served as the epicenters of trade, cultural exchange, and geopolitical history for centuries, shaping the regions they connect. In this edition, we share with you some of the histories of the ports of call of our Secret Cruises cities in Asia, to add depth and context to your upcoming cruise experiences.

Lotus Houseboat – Kerala – India: Navigating Back in Time
Kerala, aptly named ‘God’s Own Country’, boasts the enchanting Lotus Houseboat experience. As you cruise along the intricate network of waterways of the Malabar Backwaters, you’re retracing the path of ancient maritime traders. From aromatic spices to vibrant textiles, these waterways carried treasures that sparked cultural exchange and transformed societies. In centuries past, the waterways would have been filled with a myriad of cultures, from the Phoenicians to the Romans, Arabs, and Chinese. Kerala’s ports facilitated the spice trade, connecting the East with the West. Today, the Lotus Houseboat cruise offers a window into this rich history, sharing with you the stories of Kerala’s maritime legacy.

Cruises on the Ganges – India: Where Spirituality Meets Trade
The Ganges River, Mother Ganga, the spiritual lifeline of India, this river of rivers is navigated by Cruises on the Ganges. As you cruise along this sacred river, you’re following in the path of pilgrims, gurus, adventurers, and traders who have traveled up and down its length for millennia. The Ganges has forever been a conduit for cultural exchange, linking the Indian subcontinent with Central Asia and beyond. The river has long played a pivotal role in shaping India’s identity. Our Cruises on the Ganges invite you to witness this convergence of spirituality and trade that has left an indelible mark on India’s history, and we are looking forward to sharing the river’s many stories with you.

Maha Bhetra – Phuket – Thailand: Sailing the Seas of the Pearl of the Andaman

Phuket, Thailand’s ‘Pearl of the Andaman’, beckons travelers to explore its vibrant history aboard the Maha Bhetra cruise. As you set sail from this strategically positioned port island, you’re embarking on a journey that has been plied by traders from across the globe for centuries. Phuket’s ports have long witnessed the coming together and exchange of Indian, Chinese, Arab, and European merchants with this melting pot of culture and ideas giving rise to a harmonious blend of communities, establishing a character that is very much of its place and history. The Maha Bhetra cruise invites you to relax and enjoy the stunning seascapes and islands during your Thailand cruise. This gorgeous 3 cabin yacht is equipped with fishing gear, snorkeling and diving equipment, 4 kayaks, 2 paddleboards (SUP), and a sailing dingy and a rib for accessing reefs for snorkeling or making excursions to remote tropical islands during your private luxury cruise in Phuket and beyond.

Heritage Cruises – Halong Bay – Vietnam: Echoes of Ancient Mariners
Halong Bay’s ethereal beauty is the backdrop for the Heritage Cruises experience. The jadeite waters and karst limestone islands have played host to a rich history of maritime trade that dates back centuries. Halong Bay’s sheltered harbors have long provided respite for seafarers from across Asia. Chinese junks, Arab dhows, and European merchant vessels sought refuge in these mirrored green waters. The bay observed a constant ebb and flow of cultures, creating an intricate web of connections that continue to shape Vietnam’s coastal heritage today. Book a Heritage Cruises adventure with Secret Retreats to discover the legacy of these maritime traders as you cruise serenely in the lap of luxury amongst some of Vietnam’s most iconic and breathtaking landscapes.

Mekong Princess – Mekong River: Navigating Southeast Aisa’s Silk Road of Rivers
The Mekong River, long the highway for trade and cultural exchange in Southeast Asia, is explored via the Mekong Princess cruise. As you cruise one of the world’s greatest rivers, you’re following in the path of traders whose journeys over the centuries have made the Mekong River the Silk Road of rivers. The Mekong facilitated trade between China, Southeast Asia, and beyond, enabling the exchange of goods, cultures, people, and ideas. The majestic Mekong Princess Cruise offers you a chance to journey in luxury along this historic trade route, and share with you the stories of empires, merchants, and artisans who helped shape the destinies of the lands they touched.

Cruises on the Brahmaputra – India: Exploring the Mysteries of the Mighty River

Cruises on the Brahmaputra take you on a voyage along a river that courses through the heart of Assam, India. Here you would set sail on a journey that transcends time and space, where the currents of history flow alongside this magnificent river. As you step aboard the vessel, the world transforms into a canvas of mysteries waiting to be unraveled. The gentle ripples of the water hold within them the whispers of ancient civilizations, and at each bend in the river a new chapter in a story that has been written over centuries is revealed. With every arc of the river’s course, you become an explorer, tracing the footsteps of empires, traders, and dreamers who have woven their tales into the very fabric of the riverbanks. The air is charged with an electric blend of anticipation and reverence as you navigate through beautiful and ever-changing landscapes. On the Brahmaputra, you are not just a traveler, you are a time traveler, embarking on a Secret Cruise of discovery.

Setting Sail on a Journey Through History aboard a Secret Cruise! As you embark on these incredible Secret Cruises, remember that each port of call harbors stories of intrepid adventurers, enterprising traders, and vibrant cultures. The port cities that anchor these journeys offer a portal to a past where trade, cultural exchange, and geopolitical dynamics interwove to create the diverse tapestry that is the Asia we know today. So, if you want to experience these unmissable and unique Secret Cruises and hear the stories of the rivers they journey along, contact our Secret Retreats’ Concierges today!

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