Find the Asian Adventure to Match your Astrological Sign (Part 2)

Where to travel based on your zodiac sign (Part 2) We hope you enjoyed last week’s 6 recommendations for astrological adventures in Asia. And we are pleased to continue the journey on this path for the people who are born under the latter 6-star signs. Without further ado, scroll down to see where you should […]

Find the Asian Adventure to match your Astrological Sign (Part 1)

Where to travel based on your zodiac sign (Part 1) For those of you who have never checked your horoscope before hitting the road, now’s the time to find out where the stars best align for adventure-seekers like yourself. Whether you take western astrology seriously or just look at it as a bit of fun, […]

Choisir entre la peste et le cholera

Lettre ouverte à nos dirigeants qui nous étouffent en pensant nous protéger Dilemme pour le monde de l’hôtellerie et du tourisme en Asie : choisir entre la peste et le cholera Et bien oui, c’est là que nous en sommes rendus. Choisir entre deux maux : peste ou cholera. Ou serait-ce plutôt vivre avec la covid  s’en […]

An Open Letter to our World Leaders who Suffocate Us in the Name of Protecting Us

The deadly dilemma. To have to choose between two evils: living with covid or trying to hide from covid. We are faced with two clear choices: – To continue on the path that we are currently on, choosing to no longer live our lives. To remain withdrawn, our borders closed to the outside world as […]