Fascinating destinations and the indigenous cultures of Asia (Part 1)

Enchanting ancient cultures you can still interact with today! (Part 1) When we take a vacation it is often as much a quest for the new as an opportunity to unwind and relax – a change is as good as a rest, as they say. A new destination to explore, a new taste to discover, […]


More information on Pimali Foundation’s Fundraising Dinner at Cabochon and the Raffles [CLICK HERE] => buy your tickets here (500thb/ ticket) you can buy unlimited tickets Buy your raffle tickets at unveil@secret-retreats.com Your Chance to Win – Magnum Taittinger Champagne Brut Prestige from Champagne Taittinger1 Prize – Injection  of Botox (Allergan Botox® 100 units) to get […]

We Dare you to Unplug and Disconnect! Plan a Digital Detox Holiday in Asia with Secret Retreats.

6 Epic Places to Get off the Grid We are living in a society where from the moment we wake up, we feel the need to check our mobile phones to check our messages and notifications, to look at our social media accounts, and to read our emails and newsfeeds. Let’s be honest, many of […]

Pimali Foundation’s Fundraising Dinner at Cabochon

Pimali Foundation’s Fundraising Dinner at Cabochon

It is all great honour to invite you to the charity-dinner event on December 1st at The Cabochon Hotel Bangkok. PIMALI Foundation in Nongkhai has taken shape over the last two years. The goal of the PIMALI project is to assist underprivileged youth and orphans at the age of 17 and older, who have finished […]