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Mume, Taiwan, is Awarded 1 Michelin Star

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Twenty restaurants in Taipei have been awarded coveted stars in Michelin’s first Taipei guide which was released on Mar 14.
Among them is Mume, already listed in Asia’s Top 50 Best Restaurants.

The Michelin Guide reads, “In line with its name (the Latin word for ‘plum blossom’), the relaxed and friendly MUME generously garnishes dishes with fresh herbs and flowers – in somewhat stark contrast with the dimly-lit faux-industrial interior of the restaurant itself. On the menu, Taiwanese ingredients are melded with Nordic influences and modern techniques are used effectively to create dishes that provide contrasts in tastes and textures.”

Michelin has also published guides for Bangkok, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Congratulations to Chef Richie Lim and his team.

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