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The Magic of Fire: Cozy Retreats with Enchanting Firesides

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Fireside Bliss with Secret Retreats

Welcome to this week’s post. After a busy but relaxing day on holiday in Asia discovering a destination, there is little more magical on a cool evening than gathering around the fireside, drink in hand, and swapping stories with friends and fellow guests as the timeless light of flickering flames illuminates your evening. In this post we share with you a selection of hotels from our curated collection that have wonderful firesides to enjoy. Let us inspire you to seek out these timeless scenes, where the glow of a fire invites you to put down your phone and reconnect with the world around you. Secret Retreats will guide you on a journey to these remarkable destinations, where each fireplace tells a story and kindles unforgettable memories.

Chospa Hotel, Leh – India

Venture to Chospa, located along the renowned Old Leh Road, in Leh, India, where their fireside nestles in a cozy nook and invites guests to gather and unwind after a day enjoying the ancient city of Leh. Here you can immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the old city’s lifestyle while engaging in warm fireside conversations— Chospa is the perfect place to escape, disconnect, and to embrace the simple pleasures of life.

Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge, Pokhara – Nepal

For those seeking elegance amidst scenes of nature’s majesty, Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge in Nepal shares a wonderful fireside with guests. The firepit at Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge is set within an open lounge setting. Picture yourself sipping a drink by the fire, breathing in the crisp mountain air, and enjoying the fireside tales of your fellow guests —a blend of luxury and wilderness that awakens the senses.

Utsav Camp Sariska, Rajasthan – India

In the heart of India lies Utsav Camp Sariska, where their firepit setting is the perfect backdrop for romantic dinners after a thrilling outdoor safari. Imagine sharing stories under the starlit sky, with the aroma of delicious meals teasing your taste buds as they are cooked over an open flame—a moment of tranquility and connection with nature.

Nimmu House, Ladakh – India

Journey to Nimmu House in India’s extraordinary northernmost territory, where an inviting fire pit awaits your presence. The fireside at Nimmu is set amidst their aromatic apricot trees in an outdoor lounge area. Gather around the fire, share tales, and create cherished memories amidst this serene and natural setting—an idyllic spot to unwind and rejuvenate.

Flame of the Forest, Madhya Pradesh – India

In Madhya Pradesh, India, Flame of the Forest embodies the essence of a safari lodge, offering guests an immersive experience amidst the wilderness. Here, evenings come alive around a crackling bonfire under the starlit sky, the quintessential ambiance of an authentic safari adventure. It’s a place where nature’s symphony meets the warmth of shared stories by the fire, creating memories to cherish and enjoy long after you have left the warmth of their fireside.

Secret Journeys in Bhutan, Bhutan

Take a Secret Journey to the magical land of Bhutan where ancient traditions and nature live side by side in harmony. Enjoy the warmth of fireside gatherings amidst the breathtaking surroundings, a place where simply being here instils a sense of serenity in your soul. Our Secret Journeys in Bhutan are designed to share the unique charm and spiritual richness of this Himalayan kingdom. From ancient monasteries to pristine landscapes, Bhutan invites you to connect with its soul while basking in the glow of fireside bliss.

We invite you to experience the enchantment of Asia’s firesides firsthand. Contact our Secret Retreats Concierge today and let us curate your next unforgettable escape filled with crackling fires, star-filled skies, and cherished moments.

Until next time, may the warmth of these fire-lit retreats ignite your spirit of adventure.

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