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The Vision and Mission of Secret Retreats’s Identity

We have just been through two terrible years, and in terms of business and livelihoods, the owners and teams behind hospitality and tourism related businesses have been the most adversely affected. Terrible and worrying times for us all on so many levels. But our experiences in trying to cope and survive the pandemic and its resulting legislation and restrictions have taught us all some valuable lessons. The advantage of being part of a community is that we are always able to share the load, as well as support and be supported when needed. By simply knowing that you are not facing this situation alone but as a community, has helped many of us through these terrible times. Additionally, the pandemic has also taught us to remain humble. To acknowledge that nothing is permanent, everything is fragile and requires care, both humanity and the planet. This crisis has enabled us to realize how important it is to care about our environment and the communities that we are a part of. Secret Retreats has, since its inception, been curating properties with owners and teams who care for their environment, their local cultures and traditions, their community and its quality of life. These qualities are the core values that our community is formed around, and the reason why we set up Secret Retreats 10 years ago. Our goal has always been to help travellers to select and find the most charming and unique independent properties that offer a genuine sense of Asian hospitality while sharing the many wonderful experiences of living in that location and within that community in a responsible and conscious travelling style. 

Now more than ever, we are ready to continue our mission and we are open to applications from properties located in Asia that would like to join our community. In the past 2 months we have added some new and fascinating destinations to our collection such as in the heart of Papua jungle, beside the enigmatic karst mountains of Vang Vieng in Laos, in the Kashmir Valley and cruises within the Maldivian atolls. Our goal is to share with our guests and travel agents the very best of Asia’s independent boutique hospitality, and all its stunning locations and fascinating cultures.

Secret Retreats is not just another marketing platform, it is a membership based curated collection of 120+ handpicked boutique hotels, lodges, villas, yachts and more than 50 restaurants all independently owned, located, and managed in Asia. It is a community of like-minded owners sharing the same values for hospitality and promoting Conscious and Responsible Travel. Sincere, regenerative and uniquely Asian travel experiences. We offer travellers the chance to discover the real Asia through our community of boutique hotels, villas, cruises, restaurants and on a Secret Retreats exclusive tailor-made travel itinerary.

Each member of Secret Retreats is an embassy of local hospitality, closely integrated with their local community. To be a member of Secret Retreats, a property should share the following qualities:

– character, charm, style and architecture that reflects the soul of the place.

– a focus on providing opportunities for experiential travel to guests.

–  a service style for guests that is warm and convivial, with a host always available to welcome and spend time with guests.

– a commitment to respect our sustainability pledge to protect the environment and local culture and tradition.

– willing and keen to share with our like-minded hotelier community to improve, learn, and exchange with fellow members for yours and their mutual benefits.

– boutique properties with an inventory of less than 50 rooms (our members have an average of 18 rooms).

– independently owned.

– located in Asia.

 This is the essence, the DNA, of what makes a Secret Retreat boutique hotel.

Our services to members and guests include:

– A concierge team of Asian travel experts who design and sell customized itineraries across Asia, connecting and promoting the members’ hotels and destinations.

– A new sales and reservations tool that has been designed specifically with the needs of the boutique hotel and hotelier in mind, selling to both the B2C and B2B markets.

– Concrete actions and commitments to protect our environment and local communities and culture  https://www.secret-retreats.com/we-care.

– Unique experiences created by our property owners who envision and share a true sense of Asian hospitality.
– A professional team on-hand to support our hotels with PR and marketing to the travel media, travel trade and to potential guests.
– Co-promotion and cross-selling between fellow members and destinations, increasing the opportunities for reservations and for raising awareness of each participating hotel.
– Promotion and assistance with working with the Travel Trade.
– Increased exposure for all members through guest sharing.
– Promotion in key source markets through our team of in-market professional GSAs (General Sales Agents).
– Technical support with our online booking systems and channel managing.

– A respectful approach to every community (LGBT, Vegan, Solo Female travelers…) ready to adapt and serve travellers of all walks of life better.

– A guarantee to support local artisans and farmers over international corporations where possible.

Secret Retreats aims at developing and fostering long-term relationships with property owners, their teams and communities. Crafted for owners and hotelier who share the same passion for personal service, boutique hospitality, their land, culture, and are keen to share their beautiful Asian homes with guests.

Join with us on our beautiful mission to unveil the essence of Asia to the travelling world.

Asian hoteliers, yacht owners and chefs,         join us: https://www.secret-retreats.com/join-the-community

Travel Agents, our partners,                                  be part of the movement: https://www.secret-retreats.com/travel-trade

Dear guests,                                                                visit us: https://www.secret-retreats.com/collection

Unveil the Essence of Asia at www.secret-retreats.com

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