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Make Everyday a Holiday

Enhance your travels with special Secret Retreats Experiences

You certainly don’t have to travel during a holiday season or special event to have an experience of a lifetime. We believe that the real thrill of discovering a new destination and making lifelong memories comes from the connections you make and new experiences you push yourself to try.


With this in mind, Secret Retreats Experiences allow travellers to dive deeper into a community or culture, explore their passions, try new activities and make their holiday truly magical.

Restorative Journeys

From enjoying drop-in yoga classes to personalised health retreats, studying ancient martial arts to learning about Traditional Chinese medicine, Secret Retreats guests can embark on a number of personal health, wellness and mindfulness journeys while on their travels. Tugu Lombok, for instance, offers indulgent pampering treatments in its temple-like spa as well as yoga and meditation sessions. Neeleshwar Hermitage in the southern Indian state of Kerala also offers a range of yoga, meditation and massage while curating a collection of themed wellness retreats designed to help guests rest, relax and rejuvenate.

Exotic Jungle Treks

The eclectic and artsy Reverie Siam in Northern Thailand may seem like an unlikely base for a jungle trek, but nestled in the Pai valley the boutique resort is actually surrounded by lush mountains, natural waterfalls and hot springs, rural hilltribe villages and plenty of adventure. Since most Secret Retreats properties are found slightly off the beaten track, many are convenient jumping off points for nature treks ranging from afternoon jaunts to multi-day affairs. For example, set against a stunning Himalayan backdrop, Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge is an excellent base from which to prepare for a trek through Himalayas or rest and restore after your mountain journey.

Asian Flavour

Food plays an important role in any holiday and a visit to one of our handpicked Secret Tables – creative independent restaurants that share Secret Retreats’ core values – turn any day into one to remember. These unique restaurants thrive on their dedication to using local and seasonal ingredients, working with the community and, of course, the passionate chefs who run them. Located close to Secret Retreats resorts in Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia, these restaurants offer intimate dining experiences while unlocking the secrets to the region’s unique flavours.

Underwater Discoveries

While we’re quite fond of exploring across the land, there is an entirely different world to discover underwater. When staying at a Secret Retreats property along the coast or on an island, you can be sure that an array of available water sports and activities are never too far away. Nestled in the centre of Ao Phang Nga, one of Asia’s most striking bays in the Thai Province of Krabi, Le Passe Temps offers boating, kayaking and snorkelling excursions around the bay and further afield to other exquisite islands. With only eight bungalows and rooms, the owners of the welcoming inn, Olivier and Kiet, take pride in personally welcoming guests during their stay and even take guests out on excursions themselves.

For serious ocean lovers Misool Eco Resort, a dive resort and conservation centre in Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Archipelago of islands, is an exclusive destination offering truly awe-inspiring offerings. Set on a private paradise island, the resort offers all inclusive room, board and diving packages for stays of at least seven nights taking guests out on spectacular dives around the archipelago. While guests enjoy the pristine surrounding, they’re also helping support the environment and ecosystems for future explorers as Misool donates $50 USD for every guest toward conservation efforts and also organises a number of local initiatives to preserve and protect the area.

Interested in learning what other unique activities, offerings and experiences are available at Secret Retreats properties? Discover all our special experiences:

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