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Tips for Travelling in the Busy Season

How to beat the crowds even during a high season or holiday

Traveling to a destination during its high season or a special holiday comes with a unique set of challenges and rewards. Though the destination maybe be particularly popular during a specific time, perhaps for the nice weather or a local celebration, and offer special experiences you can’t otherwise get, the opportunity will also often come with more crowds, higher costs and hassle.


That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it however! Visiting Thailand for the charming Loy Krathong festival, India for Holi, Malaysia for Deepavali or Borneo for the Rainforest Music Festival can offer curious travellers a look into another place and culture they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

When travelling during a destination’s high season or holiday time, keep these travel tips in mind.

Book well in advance

The number one thing you can do to help ensure the trip goes smoothly is to book ahead. This goes for your flights, accommodation, special activities or excursions, sightseeing and ground transfers. Don’t be left scrambling to make reservations or bookings last minute when they may be almost full and your options are limited. Booking ahead can often also save on costs too.

Make a plan

If you’re booking things early, then you’re probably are already making headway on planning your itinerary once you arrive at a destination – good job! Logistics can be trickier to organise when there are high numbers of visitors and limited facilities or options. Plotting out your visit and daily schedule can also help you think ahead to choose the best times to do things or give yourself ample time for travel.

Prepare for crowds

Naturally, with big events come big crowds. Setting realistic expectations about how large the crowds may be, how they make affect travel or wait times, and what you need to plan ahead for can help you keep your cool and not get overwhelmed or frustrated.

Be flexible

Also with more people often comes more delays or waiting around. Instead of enjoying meals at typical times can you shift your eating schedule slightly so you’re in restaurants before or after the dinner rush? What about arriving to an event a little early than you normally would or trying to sightsee at an off-time?

Go Local

Even when a place may seem packed with visitors, there are still plenty of ways to connect with the local culture, see something different and get off the usual tourist tracks. For example, staying at independent, family-run accommodation options allows you to better connect with the owners and staff instead of being stuck in a massive hotel. Additionally, hiring a local guide who can offer and organise personalised recommendations or tours can help you weed out the tourist traps while often streamlining your travel and wait times since they know the best times, places and ways to do things.

Secret Retreats Concierges are located around the world to help you plan your dream holiday and experience a place in a way that best fits your interests. They can help point you in the right direction with bookings and help craft personal experiences even during busy or crowded times.

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