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The Secret Local Ingredients to Plant-Based Dining Experience


At Banlle Vegetarian Restaurant, member of Secret Tables, the dishes served using a mix of seasonal vegetables, flower, roots, beans and herbs – all grown naturally in the garden surrounding the restaurant, as well as from a few select organic surrounding farms.


Chef Pola Siv shared the secret of his meatless dishes called “Prahok Kris”, one of the traditional Cambodian dishes prepared with the aged fermented salted fish, or in Khmer called “Prahok”.

Khmer Fruit named “Ough Mougch” (Left), the secret ingredient to “Prahok Kris” dish (Right)

He recalled tasting and smelling of “Ough Mougch” fruit during his poor childhood. The fruit smell like spoiled fish and this inspires him to create a vegan Prahok Kris from the fruit paste in replacement of the actual fish and mix with roasted eggplant, coconut milk and roasted peanut and served with local crudités.


About Banlle Vegetarian Restaurant, one of Secret Tables in Siem Reap, a brand new vegetarian restaurant recently opened in the heart of Siem Reap town, 5 minutes walking from old market, set on 1,200sqm of land in a traditional Cambodian wooden house with two floors. The beautifully decorated glass door in between the spaces encourages guests to see through into the kitchen. The open air upstairs area is fan-cooled, overlooking the herb and vegetable garden. Alternatively the outside seating within the garden is the perfect place for a romantic evening, surrounded by lush tropical green vegetable and herbs.
The restaurant is opened from from11.00 am to 9.30 pm (Last sitting) on Wednesday to Monday, and closed on Tuesday.

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