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Experience the Secret “Wilderness-to-Table” at Golden Buddha Beach Resort


Werawat ‘Chef Num’ Triyasenawat, one of Thailand’s most acclaimed chefs, foraged from the seashore to the garden and created exotic menus for the most exclusive pop up dining experience on 17th April 2019 at Golden Buddha Beach Resort.


The adventurous foraging required the participation of islanders to reveal all the hidden wonders around Koh Phra Thong. The island is remotely located with abundant fresh fish and squid that are untouched by pollution.


Chef Num shared with Secret Retreats the excitement of his exploration and discovery of varieties of sea life including the sea urchins found on the rocks right off the resort.


There is limited agriculture on the island, so Chef Num foraged in the savannah that lies behind the sandy shores and the fringe coastal forest to find roots and leaves for his dinner creation.

Valerie Blouin, our friendly Secret Retreats host at the Golden Buddha Beach Resort shared her experience “The shellfish was amazing, especially Oy Gan which he prepared with a Tom yam granité- delicious! The seafood was fresh and comparable to the ones from Britanny”

Kimchi soup with squid and roasted Ikama (Left), Oyster (Right)

Here are some of the sumptuous dishes out of the total of 11 dishes created by Chef Num.

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