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Find Your Zen: Yoga with Breathtaking Views in Asia – Part 2

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Serenity at these Secret Retreats Awaits YOU

Are you ready to continue your journey through some of Asia’s most stunning yoga retreat destinations? In this second edition, we present more breathtaking locations where you can elevate your practice amidst serene landscapes and luxurious settings. Imagine starting your day with yoga sessions overlooking lush valleys, pristine beaches, or majestic mountains. Our curated list of wonderful Secret Retreats located across the continent of Asia offers unparalleled tranquility and beauty, perfect for your next yoga retreat.

Balibo Fort Hotel, Timor Leste

Heritage and history of Timor Leste made comfortable in this historic fort, at the Balibo Fort Hotel. The team here offer their guests a unique yoga experience with views over the lush Timorese landscape. The elevated setting provides a serene environment and stunning views, perfect for meditation and reflection.

Paresa Resort, Phuket, Thailand

Cliffside luxury awaits you at the Paresa Resort, with yoga spaces overlooking the azure waters of the Andaman Sea. The uninterrupted views continue at the infinity pools and spacious decks of the luxurious villas all designed to create a calming atmosphere, immersed in breathtaking views and unrivalled hospitality. The perfect Phuket choice for unwinding and finding your Zen.

Cove 55, Sarawak, Malaysia

Set in Sarawak on the nature’s paradise that is Borneo, this family residence boutique hotel makes for the perfect home from home when making your trip to this amazing island. In the shadow of Mount Santubong and looking out across South China Sea, Cove 55 offers a secluded retreat with stunning ocean views – all the elements needed for reverie and relaxation between adventures on this must-visit island. The expansive gardens and beachfront areas provide lots of private and tranquil settings for yoga sessions, with the sound of the sea enhancing your practice.

Gileemale Walawwa Estate, Sri Lanka

Immerse yourself in the timeless tranquility of the Gileemale Walawwa Estate. An historic family home, the Gileemale Walawwa Estate is set amidst lush greenery and flowing rivers, and rivers that sparkle with gems for the lucky few panhandlers that try their hand here. Nature has blessed this ground with sapphires. The surrounding nature that frames this beautiful old family home creates a peaceful atmosphere for yoga, with views of the Sri Lankan countryside adding to the sense of calm.

Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge, Nepal

Perched on a ridge above the Pokhara Valley, Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge offers truly breathtaking panoramic views of the iconic and as yet unclimbed Fishtail Peak (Machapuchare) – the view from the swimming pool must be one of the best pool views in the world. It must also be said, the views from the Lodge’s Cottage Bungalows are equally magnificent. The tranquil surroundings and breathtaking mountain vistas make Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge an ideal spot for yoga and meditation. Practice on the outdoor terrace, where the crisp mountain air and stunning Himalayan scenery will enhance your meditative experience, quieting your mind and reconnecting you deeply with yourself and the surrounding, and beautiful, natural world.

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