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Discover Papua’s ‘Heaven on Earth’ with a Private Charter Cruise & Dive Trip to Raja Ampat


For true adventurers, it isn’t enough to travel to lesser-known destinations – only the most remote, still undiscovered corners of the earth will do. To fully escape and see something entirely new, there’s no better way to explore than with a private charter cruise in one of the world’s most remote destinations – West Papua.

Though trade routes were established through the region in the 15th century, West Papua still remains unknown to all but who live there. In this naturally stunning area, the indigenous people know they live in a special place, even referring to it as ‘heaven on earth’.


With Sequoia Yacht, reaching this remote paradise is made possible with their new private charter cruise in Raja Ampat, The Bird’s Head Seascape Safari.

Cruise & Dive Raja Ampat

The chartered aquatic safari takes you from the famed Raja Ampat to Triton Bay in West Papua aboard the stunning Sequoia Yacht. Named after the Sequoia tree, the 26.1-metre-long handcrafted vessel is a contemporary version of a classic wooden yacht. Built in 2017, this gorgeous eco-friendly yacht boasts two comfortably-appointed deluxe suites, a large living room, picturesque sky deck and full kitchen.


An Exclusive Luxury Private Charter Cruise in West Papua

The 11-day, 10-night The Bird’s Head Seascape Safari aboard the Sequoia Yacht starts in either Jakarta or Bali then takes you to the heart of the Coral Triangle, known for having the world’s most biodiverse ecosystem, moving between Raja Ampat, Cenderawasih Bay and Triton Bay.

Throughout the once-in-a-lifetime experience, you’ll have the opportunity to sail the seas in complete luxury and scuba dive at some of the region’s 200 internationally acclaimed dive sites.

Here, with no one else in sight, you’ll glide through the region’s more than 2,500 islands spotting some of its 1,700 species of reef fishes, whales, dolphins and more along with extensive mangrove forests that protect myriad wildlife.

Each day is filled with new discoveries, delicious cuisine and surprising experiences – such as the onboard cinema under the stars and swimming in tumbling waterfalls.


Click below to download the full itinerary then get in touch with the Secret Retreats concierge to learn even more and start planning your magical journey cruising and diving in Raja Ampat!

For all Sequoia Yacht bookings made in September, Sequoia Yacht will donate 10% of the charter base rate to help support rebuilding efforts in Lombok…just another reason to make your dream holiday a reality!

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