Unveiling the essence of Asia

Tread Softly, Travel Differently, and Unveil the Essence of Asia on a Secret Journey


Off the Beaten Path: Unique Travel Experiences Tailored by Local Experts

How do you like to travel? Is it a case of see the landmarks, bag the sights and leave? Or do you like to explore the area, take time to ponder the history and the local stories, perhaps kick-back a while in a local tea-house or cafe and chat with the shop staff and the locals before returning to your boutique hotel to enjoy a quiet moment with a book in the gardens, or relax and unwind with a luxury spa treatment? However you like to travel, Secret Retreats can create an experience to suit. But where we excel is in adding authenticity, a chance to understand the local experience and what makes life in each destination tick.

Today we are seeing more and more travellers looking for ‘authentic travel experiences’, essentially a chance to get off the beaten path and to connect with the local experience while still enjoying the highlights, the ‘must sees’, the ‘must experience’ and the ‘must tastes’, of each destination. And for the team at Secret Retreats we feel it is important to have time built into each itinerary to enjoy the locations, time to relax and unwind at each boutique hotel or aboard each boat, and to be able to enjoy at a leisurely pace the services on offer there too. This space, this time to simply be, is all too often overlooked in the more typical ‘bag it and leave’ over packed almost boot camp style travel itineraries, something that the Secret Retreats travel planners studiously avoid.

Our hosts in each location take pleasure in sharing their homes with you. From the moment they open their door to welcome you, or welcome you onboard their yacht or riverboat, they are keen to share the local history, nature, and local food culture with you through our unique tailor-made travel experiences.

In this edition we introduce our Secret Journeys to you. Whether taking our ready-made itineraries or having our Concierge tailor-make a unique travel itinerary for you, we have a library of more than 100 travel itineraries, all locally designed, for you to choose from. Travel solo or as a couple, with family or with friends, each Secret Journey is designed to share with you unique and memorable experiences at a gentle pace and with a soft footprint as all of our members are keen advocates of regenerative and responsible travel.



Tread softly and travel differently to discover the essence of Asia on a Secret Journey. Are you ready to embark on these one-of-a-kind journeys with us?

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