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Inspiring Indonesian cuisine with a twist

Baozi is traditional Chinese steamed or fried bun, first introduced by the well-known Chinese war strategist, Zhu Ge Liang in the 2nd century. The popularity of Baozi has gradually spread all over the world to become one of the popular foods in Asia.
Found in nearly every corner of Indonesia, Baozi, known as Bakpao by the Indonesians, is usually filled with vegetable or various type of meat inside.

Inspired by the adventurous spirit of Baozi’s creator, Arumdalu’s team returns to this two thousand year old menu bringing with them a modern twist.
We call it PAO!
Picture mouth-watering, succulent pieces of locally-sourced chicken, juicy slices of famous Belitung pineapple and fresh aquaponic vegetables from the hotel garden, all served with black pepper sauce… yes indeed… this delicious creation will be the best hand-made Bakpao you can imagine!

Come and experience the new PAO! at Arumdalu Belitung Resort. And to Celebrate Indonesia Independence Day on 17th August, 10% off will be offered to guests wearing red and white national flag colors.

Selamat makan!

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