How to Tell if a ‘Sustainable’ Business Is ‘Greenwashing’

How to Tell if a ‘Sustainable’ Business Is ‘Greenwashing’

The Sincerely Sustainable Business Practices of Le Passe-Temps, Krabi Greenwashing, a term new to many of our lexicons, describes the situation where a corporate entity or business spends more time and money on marketing themselves as ‘environmentally friendly’ than they do on monitoring and minimizing their environmental impact and taking sustainability seriously for the right […]

Incredible Spas to Amaze and Renew you at Secret Retreats in Asia

HAVENS OF WELLNESS IN ASIA WITH SECRET RETREATS In recent years, the wellness industry has offered us a myriad of wonderful options to recharge our batteries and invigorate our souls, with everything from ancient martial arts as fitness regimes to detox cocktails and incredible diets. Once you start on a path to wellness you do […]

How to Run a Sustainable Hotel in the Himalayas and How Not to Waste a Good Crisis | Marcus Cotton

How do you ensure the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of an ecolodge nestled high up in the Himalayas? What are the challenges involved in running an eco-friendly lodge and how to resolve them using locally viable solutions?  Marcus Cotton, co-owner of the Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge in this interview illustrates what it takes to […]

Travelife Gold certification – Koh Jum Beach Villas

The Travelife Sustainability System was founded in 2007. It is an organization, owned by ABTA (association of British Travel Agents), that works with Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Hotels to set benchmarks and best practices to achieve Travel Industry recognized certification of a business’s social, economic and environmental impacts. The Travelife Standard contains a range […]