Choisir entre la peste et le cholera

Lettre ouverte à nos dirigeants qui nous étouffent en pensant nous protéger Dilemme pour le monde de l’hôtellerie et du tourisme en Asie : choisir entre la peste et le cholera Et bien oui, c’est là que nous en sommes rendus. Choisir entre deux maux : peste ou cholera. Ou serait-ce plutôt vivre avec la covid  s’en […]

An Open Letter to our World Leaders who Suffocate Us in the Name of Protecting Us

The deadly dilemma. To have to choose between two evils: living with covid or trying to hide from covid. We are faced with two clear choices: – To continue on the path that we are currently on, choosing to no longer live our lives. To remain withdrawn, our borders closed to the outside world as […]

Be the First in Line for International Travel to Asia with the Secret Retreats Interactive Map.

Secret Retreats is tracking the changes to the International Travel Restrictions across Asia as they happen. Learn which countries are open to international travel, which countries are closed, and the proposed dates for the opening of international borders on the Secret Retreats interactive map of Asia. The team at Secret Retreats will share all the […]

The Secret Retreats Collection is Perfect for Your Post-COVID travel.

We are all looking forward to welcoming you back to our beautiful Asian homes! The COVID-19 pandemic is causing change in all our daily lives, including how we travel. With new social protocols required of us all, and the need for infection risk to be seriously managed, post-covid travel requires a level of sincerity and […]