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Gastronomy on the beach

The creative Kitchen Team at Arumdalu has invented 3 unique dishes, using local ingredients and legends.

1. Bird In A Cage
Duck cooked using 10 types of Indonesian spices and presented in a cage
bird in cage

2. Mango Zori Ebi
Made using two of the best of Membalong fresh authentic ingredients: The Slipper Zori-ebi prawn and Seliu Mango (when in season), the dish is displayed on a beautiful wooden plate decorated with sand, shells and covered with glass.
mango zori ebi

3. Rama and Shinta Satay
A satay presented on a handcrafted Kris handle, inspired by the romantic story of Rama and Shinta. Both satays, cooked with 14 different Indonesian spices, offer different flavors, that blend as one when combined together

Arumdalu is a Secret Retreats member, located on the southern white sand beach of Belitung Island .

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