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Chefs of Secret Tables come together as Chef Jimmy Lim from JL Studio, Taiwan, joins Bali’s Locavore Kitchen, May 12 and 13.


In November 2017 Chefs Eelke, Fido and Chris were invited to cook at JL Studio in Taichung, Taiwan. The success, fun and passion of this international collaboration now sees Chef Jimmy Lim return the visit, this time to share the Locavore kitchen for lunch and dinner service.

Chef Jimmy’s love of food was ignited during his childhood. Growing up in a Singapore restaurant, he later trained as a chef and worked at Geranium, The French Laundry and Per Se. In 2017 he opened his own restaurant in Taichung, selecting Taiwan for its fine produce and abundant seafood. At JL Studio, he presents his playful yet precise interpretation of contemporary Singapore cuisine.

On May 12 and 13, along with Sam (his sous chef) and Una (his pastry chef), Jimmy and will present a third of the lunch and dinner menus. Ray and Eelke will present another third, and the chefs will collaborate on the final third of the menu, bringing a fresh and exciting variety of flavours to please our guests.
The lunch menu will consist of 6 courses and dinner around 8 courses (plus all the ‘regular’ little extras of course).

The team of Locavore are looking forward cooking with Jimmy and his team again, and share the same hospitality they received in Taichung, late last year.

Diners can share this unique experience by coming for a meal, it’s as simple as that.

Places are limited so book quickly.

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