Foodies Travel Destinations (Part 1)

Take your taste buds on a tour of Asia with Secret Retreats (Part 1) For travelling foodies, nothing seduces us more than a tasty local dish and for sure Asia is a dream destination for all food enthusiasts (foodies) because if you know where to look, really tasty dishes and incredible local flavours can be […]

Wild at Heart

Ultimate Destinations for Wildlife Lovers For wildlife lovers around the world, the lockdowns and inability to roam free because of the COVID 19 pandemic must be particularly frustrating. Even though we have the technology that can bring the wonders of the natural world to the flat-screen TV in our living rooms, nothing can beat experiencing […]

Six perfect destinations in Asia for solo female travellers

Are you female and afraid of traveling alone to Asia? Because of the media and the mystery of the unknown, many people have very strong views on what Asia is like, some of them negative and pertaining to safety. The truth is Asia is an easy continent in which to travel solo as a female. […]