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Local fare gets a chance to shine

The dining scene across Asia keeps evolving and enticing a wide range of talented chefs to open their own unique restaurants. They embrace the challenge of combining technique with locally sourced regional product, developing new and interesting cuisine that offers the best and most creative menus of each territory.

This is how the chefs listed on Secret Tables are selected. Two wonderful restaurants in Cambodia have been featured in an article from the New York Times this month, illustrating the evolution of delectable gastronomy in the small town of Siem Reap, that sits at the gateway to Angkor Wat.


Chef Johanes Riviere from Cuisine Wat Damnak : “Real Cambodian cuisine is something that most average tourists, who see the same five dishes again and again, rarely experience,”
Chef Pola Siv from Mie Café : “I love to cook because of my mother, but meeting other Chefs inspired me to be a chef.”

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