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Emergency! – An 8-Metre Wall of Mud and Water has Destroyed Muang La Village and Lodge.

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Muang La Village Laos, Urgently Needs Your Help!

I am sure there were many folks around the world looking forward to experiencing the pure beauty of nature in Muang La village and the sincere friendly faces of the local villages and discovering their unique and timeless culture once again.  While many of us were anticipating the reopening of Laos and the Muang La Lodge after being closed for 2 years by the covid restrictions, on Saturday the 27th of August Muang La was hit by an 8-metre wall of water and mud that literally wiped most of the village and the Muang La Lodge away and off into the river. Destroying and taking many lives with it.

A truly devastating event, the flood was the result of a dam bursting in a reservoir upstream from Muang La village. The village and the Lodge are now buried beneath more than 3-metres of mud and debris.

The villagers and the staff of Muang La Lodge have all lost their homes, destroyed by the wall of mud and water that crashed through their village without warning on Saturday. These now homeless and desperate people are facing both immediate (food, water, medicine, shelter clothing, hygiene products) and long-term (loss of home, business) challenges. In this Secret’s Out’s edition, we are seeking your help for donations, whatever you can spare will be gratefully received, to go towards the purchase of emergency items to support the villagers’ immediate needs and to help the survivors take the first steps toward rebuilding their lives.

We have set up a page to collect donations at the following secure web address: https://www.leetchi.com/c/help-mudflood-muang-la-laos

Every penny counts!

This relief fund will support emergency aid like food, water, medicine, and shelter. After initial needs are met, the fund will transition to provide long-term assistance as needed. All donations to this fund will exclusively support relief and recovery efforts in the region.

Thank you for your kind support!

On the 27th of August 2022,

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