Wild at Heart

Ultimate Destinations for Wildlife Lovers For wildlife lovers around the world, the lockdowns and inability to roam free because of the COVID 19 pandemic must be particularly frustrating. Even though we have the technology that can bring the wonders of the natural world to the flat-screen TV in our living rooms, nothing can beat experiencing […]


Sunset anywhere is a magical time of day. I am sure everyone enjoys watching a sunset while on vacation. It is always a romantic, inspiring, perfect time for a cocktail and extremely Instagramable moment. Start planning your next journey and indulge yourself with a beautiful sunset at one of our secret destinations below. Set on […]

The 10 best secret experiences in Asia

The 10 best secret experiences in Asia

Asia is a land of ancient traditions, beliefs and rich cultural heritage. Mixed with some of the most amazing sceneries on the planet, for many, Asia is synonym for mystery. The Secret Retreats team has made of Asia their playground and invites you to share 10 of their most fascinating, yet beautifully simple experiences…things to […]