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5 Lucky Foods for the New Year

Ring in the New Year with these lucky foods

With the New Year just around the corner, families and friends will gather together and prepare for this holiday’s time-honoured traditions. In addition to celebrating with colourful festivities and age-old rituals, ‘lucky’ food will be served to usher in health, wealth and luck.

Although these special dishes are symbolic for longevity, prosperity and abundance, they are also delicious and wholesome, making them the perfect way to start to the upcoming year.

1. Oranges and Tangerines
Two particular citrus fruits, oranges and tangerines, are commonly displayed in homes or given as gifts all around the world during the New Year. In Asian countries, oranges are thought to symbolise wealth because the Chinese word for gold sounds much like orange. The word for tangerine also closely resembles the word for luck. It is an especially good omen if the orange or tangerine still has its leaves attached because that symbolises longevity.

2. Leafy Greens
Leafy, green vegetables are a popular food to eat during the New Year because the colour and appearance resembles paper money. As the tradition goes, eating leafy vegetables such as kale, cabbage or Chinese broccoli will lead to wealth and prosperity in the future.

3. Whole Fish
Whole fish represent abundance and can be found prepared in many ways for this auspicious holiday. Whether it’s served fried, steamed or grilled, the key to this dish is for the fish’s head and tail to remain intact to ensure a good New Year from start to finish.

4. Long Noodles
Tender noodles are a staple in many Asia countries but when they are served on New Year’s Day, they are prepared and cooked with special care to prevent being broken or cut. Make sure to enjoy a bowl of extra long, delicate noodles, which symbolise longevity.

5. Dumplings
Although dumplings are eaten year-round in Asian countries, families traditionally eat jiaozi dumplings for the New Year. This particular dumpling is filled with minced meat and cabbage and then wrapped in paper-thin dough. The final dumplings resemble the old ingot-shaped Chinese coins and are meant to bring eaters prosperity and wealth in the upcoming year.

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