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How a little help can reduce the pandemic impact on your team.

The Covid-19 pandemic has added stress and separated a lot of people from their workplaces, coworkers, and familiar daily routines. In many cases, it led to a drop in morale, and fragmented team cohesion — all of which can result in dampened work performance. That is why actively fostering a sense of inclusion at work is so critical during this time of crisis.

It is necessary for the leaders to show their morale supports and their understanding of the staff’s needs, preferences, family situations, and circumstances.

At the Bohemian Residence, while the border is still closed, the travel industry inside the country is pretty much on hold, and we are struggled to welcome the guests. The new ways of making extra venues are established from the ideas of the owner.

Here is a little example of how a simple way can help to improve the situation. These cute goats are provided for the staff to make some extra income for the time being.

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